Holding Absence & Alpha Wolf – The Lost & The Longing (EP Review)

Holding Absence & Alpha Wolf – The Lost & The Longing
Released: August 15, 2022

Holding Absence Lineup:

Lucas Woodland // Vocals
Scott Carey // Guitar
Benjamin Elliot // Bass
Ashley Green // Drums



Alpha Wolf Lineup:

Lochie Keogh // Vocals
Sabian Lynch // Rhythm Guitar
Scott Simpson // Lead Guitar
John Arnold // Bass
Mitch Fogarty // Drums



Catching us completely off guard was potentially the biggest collaboration of the year. Nobody saw this one coming and why would they? Two upcoming heavyweight artists from opposite ends of the Earth that play different styles of music coming together to release a split EP. The alternative music world never asked for this, but we’re all thankful that it’s happening. Both of these bands released critically acclaimed albums in 2021, but after keeping a close eye on both acts we should have known that they seem to always have a trick or two up their sleeves to keep new music-hungry fans at bay. We all trust that what we can expect from this release will blow our minds but one big question remains, exactly how diverse will this release stretch with both artists impacting each other’s style? Let’s find out!

Kicking off the split EP is Alpha Wolf‘s ’60cm of Steel’ which has a slow, building introduction. Dark-natured lyrics such as “60cm of steel in the stomach // I hate myself and you fucking love it” quickly grabs my attention. Holding Absence‘s Lucas Woodland has an incredibly diverse voice which contrasts quite well with the deep growls of Lochie KeoghMitch Fogarty‘s intricate drumming holds the fast tempo of the song throughout the melodic sections where Woodland flourishes. The djent-styled guitars are reminiscent of the band’s track Black Mamba, which would create an enjoyable listening experience for those who are fans of that era of the band. The breakdown throughout the song’s outro may possibly be Alpha Wolf‘s heaviest breakdown yet… it’s a bold statement I know, but god damn it packs a punch!

Next up is ‘Hotel Underground‘ which Australian fans first became acquainted with on the recent Metalcore Snitches Tour. Continuing on with the high energy and fast tempo from the previous song, beefy guitars lead the charge into what is a powerful, mosh-inducing track. Keogh continues to impress with his fast-paced vocals keeping up with the tempo while displaying his impressive range.

It’s time for Holding Absence to show off their abilities with ‘Aching Longing’, which was the EP’s first single to be released. Arguably Holding Absence‘s heaviest track, this offering stays true to the band’s melodic roots. Woodland displays his abilities as he switches between his usual unstrained voice and harsher-styled vocals without strain. Keogh’s presence throughout what might just be Holding Absence‘s first-ever breakdown is powerful, yet not out of place which might seem surprising considering how soft and melodic the track is.

The EP’s final track is ‘Coffin’ by Holding Absence which stretch’s the EP’s diversity immensely, with the previous track being the band at their heaviest, this song offers the opposite. It’s slow and emotional and takes the listener somewhere different. The presence of keys is a delicate and welcoming touch that reflects the track’s themes.

Holy hell, what a journey The Lost & The Longing is! Beginning with the ferocious energy that Alpha Wolf never fails to provide and finishing up with the delicate soft rock sound that Holding Absence are known for. Both bands deserve their seat at the table with all of the other alternative heavyweights and this EP proves it. Some Alpha Wolf fans may find the work of Holding Absence too different for them to enjoy and vice versa, but there’s no denying that this is one cohesive and dynamic release that most, if not, all people can enjoy at least one aspect of.

Holding Absence & Alpha Wolf – The Lost & The Longing Split EP tracklisting:

1. 60cm of Steel (Alpha Wolf / Holding Absence)
2. Hotel Underground (Alpha Wolf)
3. Aching Longing (Holding Absence / Alpha Wolf)
4. Coffin (Holding Absence)

Rating: 8.5/10
The Lost & The Longing is out Monday 15th August via Greyscale / Sharptone Records. Pre-save here
Review by Adam Rice

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