Fake News – Gig Review & Photo Gallery May 5th @ Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, Burleigh QLD

Fake News – Take Me Away EP Release Show 
Mos’ Desert Clubhouse, Burleigh QLD
May 5th, 2023
Supports: Square Tugs and Friends With The Enemy

Its always a fun time with Fake News!

Headed out Friday night down to my home away from home – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse to catch Local Punk legends Fake News celebrating their latest EP Release Take Me Away. These guys are just a joy to watch and shoot and no matter how many times I see them live, they never fail to disappoint.

Starting off the night, with a nice-sized crowd gathering from the get-go, was Gold Coasters Friends With The Enemy. Self-described as Fast Melodic Skate Punk, I hadn’t seen the band live before and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised with the band who are no strangers to the punk scene, having formed back in 2009. In 2011 Friends With The Enemy won Triple J’s Unearthed competition to play Soundwave Festival, alongside the likes of Iron Maiden, Pennywise, and many more. They clearly have a passion for music and all things punk and throw out a pretty top-notch show.

Fronted by Chelsie on Lead Vocals, the band really packs a punch on stage. An energetic performance by all on stage, with plenty of jumps, thrashes and hopping about – they really rocked out with a few new tracks from their recent album Divide & Conquer including ‘Waking Up’, ‘Facebook Value’ and ‘SML’, as well as some of their older favourites ‘Fat Mikes House’ and ‘Once Chance’. Friends With The Enemy have been a bit quiet over the past few years. As much as they love writing and playing music, the band has also become extremely good at making babies! Between them all they have 13 (some not so little anymore!). That is more babies than the number of songs on their last album!

Friends With the Enemy have a bunch of new merch on the way with some super cool designs and are currently working on their next album which they hope to release in Summer 2024.

Next up to the stage were Brisbane Punk rockers Square Tugs. If you spend a bit of time in Brisbane and love punk, you’d be hard-pressed to have missed these guys at some point. Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking you might be getting a surprise set from the Foo Fighters, or at least a Dave Grohl doppelganger, with Lead Vocals/Guitar Dave bearing a striking resemblance to his namesake – the other Dave. It did not go unnoticed much to the delight of Friends with The Enemy’s bass player, Andy, as he mentioned to me after the show.

Winners of 4ZZZ’s Hot 100 with their track ‘I Don’t Like It’, which they played in full force to a rocking crowd. Still riding the success of their first album Monster Hits the three-piece from Brisbane put on one hell of show playing a host of punk worthy tracks including a Circle Jerks cover of ‘Wild in the Streets’ and latest release ‘Apple of Your Eye’, a song from the heart written for the very special Mum of Lead Vocals/Guitarist, Dave, who, with plenty of jumps and guitar solos throws out an energetic and animated show. Drummer Randall is the happiest drummer I’ve ever seen – smashing away at those drums and cymbals and having the time of his life. Paul on bass gives us epic air and plenty of on-stage action and jumps that would make a gymnast jealous.

Currently working on their next album, Square Tugs songs touch on a bit of everything, and while there is a good bit of humour in some of their tracks, like ‘Drag Queen Dad’ and ‘Yowie Hunt’. Other tracks really do hit the mark with though-provoking and meaningful songs like ‘Brisvagas and the Golden Unicorn’ and ‘I Wanna Be The Minority’. The boys from Brisbane also gave us a little sneak peek of one of their new songs ‘Land Speed Record’. If you love punk and love a band with a sense of humour, and haven’t given them a listen yet or seen them live. Do it!!

Last, but certainly not least – the stars of the show.

I have been a long time follower and fan of Fake News. I first came across the band a good few years ago now. This year has been a big one for the boys – a fresh new EP, an album on the way, some super cool merch up for grabs for fans and a host of support slots on tours most would dream about including Everclear, A Wilhem Scream, Guttermouth and more.

Fake News sprung on to the stage with full gusto and smashed out opening with one of their new tracks from their Take Me Away EP – ‘Where We Stand’. The Gold Coast boys then launched into a rocking set with songs such as ‘Checking In’, ‘Everyday Warrior’ and ‘No Innocence’. As promised, the band gave us a show with some of their new songs (and my personal favourite) ‘Nothing Town’, ‘Hand of Doubt’, ‘Rise and Fall’ and they delivered! The crowd sang and screamed along getting right into it with them. The set ended with something of a mosh pit with arms legs and punters flying everywhere.

Fake News play every set like it is their last and really give the crowd something to smile about. Bass Player Nic took a leap off the stage and joined the crowd, while Guitarist Darren got amongst it, ending up on the top of a table, much to the fans delight. The crowd always love it when band members get in there with them and this was no different.

As promised the Fake News boys had a load of merch with a bit of something for everyone including those next level skate decks, stickers and a new range of shirts, that by the end of the night littered the backs of most of the punters there. Punk is definitely not dead.

Give them a listen, better yet – if you can, see them live. It’s a show to remember!

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