Fake News – ‘Get Out There and Enjoy Music. It’s Way Better in Person’

Punk is back!

2023 has taken off with a bang! With a noticeable increase in punters at any of the punk shows that I have been to this year, even the local bands – it’s great to see music lovers embracing that.

We recently had a chat with bass player Nick Vanderkley and guitarist Mick Brazell of Gold Coast punk rockers Fake News – who recently dropped their EP Take Me Away (our review here) and supported the likes of Everclear, Guttermouth and A Wilhelm Scream – together we discussed making music, touring again, upcoming shows, and all things merch!

Today we are here with the guys from Fake News. We have Nick and Mick and we’re talking about their new EP Take Me Away. What was the EP about guys? Were there any particular themes that you were trying to get across or anything in particular that inspired you? 

Nick: I don’t know that there was one particular theme that really carried across the whole album.

Mick: It was more so carrying on the same, trying to produce the same sound as what we had in like ‘Everyday Warrior, which I think we’ve done. But yeah, it was more trying to release new music that sounded similar and had that Fake News [sound]. But as far as the themes go, Tim comes up with most of the lyrics, but it’s mainly based around everyday life and that sort of thing.  

Nick: It’s a pretty broad range really. I guess the songs aren’t necessarily related to each other in any way in that sense, which is good. It always stems from life experience, basically. That’s what shapes creativity in any art really.  

And you’ve got to have fun while you are doing it and make it sound good! I’ve obviously known you guys for a long time as you used to jam in my music studio – you’ve come a long way since then. How do you feel about the way that the band has progressed and grown? 

Nick: Couldn’t be happier really. It’s going the way we want it to go. We’re up there in the mix now for support acts that you want to be playing. You want to be playing decent shows with good bands with people watching.

Mick: Those are the ones you want – so much fun and the way the band’s growing since we used to jam in your studio, it’s been a couple of years of trying to find that sound, the right guys in the band, and we’ve got that now and we’re cementing ourselves as Aussie punk.

We’re an Aussie punk band. Everyone’s starting to get out [post-pandemic] and your name’s getting out there now and I think that’s why we’re getting some of the gigs we’ve got

I know quite a few people that have stumbled on to you guys, not just through me, but through other avenues and everyone’s pretty excited about what you guys are doing. You can both answer this separately – what was your favourite song on the EP? Was there one that you really had an awesome time putting together or you really enjoyed writing? 

Mick: Hand of Doubt. It’s a Pennywiseinspired song that one [with] lots of power cords.

Darren’s guitar, it’s very metal inspired. So the riffs work well together, even though I’m playing like really fast power cords, but he’s like metal riffy – stuff goes over the top of it real well. I love that song because it’s fast. It’s straight up punk fast and that’s sort of me. So that’s my pick.  

Nick: That’s one we haven’t actually played live yet, but we definitely got to pull that out… We’re going to have to practice it!

Well, you do have your EP Launch show coming up in May at Mo’s Desert ClubhouseIs that a song that you think you might treat the crowd to? 

Mick: Yes! I think all four will come out.  

Nick: We fully have to practice, but yeah. Well, you guys do! Im away for 6 weeks!

For me, I guess, all the songs are so different in a way. I don’t particularly have one favourite, but I’m going to say ‘Rise And Fall’ just because we did that film clip to it and we had so much fun doing that, it made such a difference. It makes you smile and laugh every time you watch it – because we just know all this shit that happened around making the video and the stuff that didn’t make the video. It’s a classic.  

It’s definitely a bit of an anthem.

So out of your recent tours that you guys have had, were there any memorable moments or funny moments or anything you’d like to share?  

Mick: Absolutely. One that stands out, I think would be the rider for the Everclear show. We enjoyed that a lot! We seemed to enjoy it that much Everclear didn’t get any of it! 

We were told they were pretty tame, don’t drink too much and we drank our rider pretty quick, which I think was the slab of Coronas. That was gone well before the end of the night! 

We shared a green room that night and there was about half a case of Budweisers in the fridge. We were like, well, they’re not going to drink them, are they? We can’t let them go to waste! So we all hoed into them! 

Nick: Mugsy, the Tour Manager, lost his shit. You’re a good bloke Mugsy. We love ya.

He went and bought some more Buds for them and smoothed it all over. It was all good. And then they were left in the fridge after the end of the gig so we were in the green room at 3:00 AM drinking the rest of the beer and eating the last of the food. 

Mick: Yeah, we’re pretty good at that! 

Nick: So look, just remember, when you’re playing with Fake News, order more for the rider.  

Mick: Double the rider!! Also I think like, just playing to sold out shows because that’s something that’s very rare in the punk scene. That Everclear at Miami Marketta gig was about 600 or so and then the next night in Brisbane was like 850 or something.   

We haven’t played to that many people before and to walk out on stage and they were full even when we came on. That was great. I think that won us a lot of fans through Facebook and Spotify, because our numbers seem to be going up and we’ve been getting really good feedback after those shows

Nick: I think that was the greatest thing for me anyway, that both those shows we played – all three shows were played really – no one was there to see us. No one knew who we were. But everyone genuinely enjoyed it. You can see them getting into it. They were digging it.

After we played we just had all these random people come up and say, man, you guys are awesome. Where you from? And they were buying merch! 

Mick: Some lady brought me 6 free Coopers. She said, “I don’t know who you guys are, but here’s some Coopers”. She’s like piling them on! 

Are you planning on any national tours?  I know you’ve got your EP Launch coming up here on the Gold Coast in May.  Have you got anything else planned? 

Nick: Nothing else planned yet but we would like to. We are due to go back to Sydney and Melbourne I think. We need to do a tour down there and just get out there again.  

Mick: It’s just a matter of organizing it.

So what’s next for the band? Are you going to make some more music? Maybe look at another album or EP?

Nick: The next thing is we’ve got the single that we need to record. It’s done. We’ve just got to get into the studio and record that and aim to release that mid this year. Hopefully another film clip. That’s definitely number one on the hit list.  

Mick: The best thing we’ve found is you just have to keep releasing music. You keep that traction there. I think that’s sort of why we’re standing out a little bit at the moment – because we did ‘Everyday Warrior’ and now we’ve got another release out whereas a lot of other bands seem to do a release and that’s sort of it. We got the music there. We’ve just got to get together and do it.

Do you guys have any plans for any cool merch?  I know sometimes with your previous releases you’ve done skateboard decks, t-shirts and a few other cool items.

Nick: We’ve got heaps of plans, so many designs, not enough money.  

Mick: Definitely skate decks again. We’ve got a good design for that. Even though they’re on the more expensive side of merch, we sold all the decks we had.

Nick: Hats, vinyl, shirts, stubby killers decks, stickers, everything, everything! We just want it all but I’m carrying boxes of merch at my place already and if we get more If I’m going to need a bigger house! 

Mick: We’re going to need a van because it won’t fit in the car for gigs.  

The last question is, is there anything else you want to add? 

Mick: Just go out there and listen to our new – it’s on Spotify and all the other platforms.  Give it a listen and head over to Facebook, give us a like. If you like a good energy punk show come to the show, Friday 5th May 2023 at Mos Desert Clubhouse.

Nick: Come see us live. I think that’s where it’s at. It’s a good live show. It’s great energy. It’s good atmosphere. We always try and play with other good bands and make the most of a good night. Get out there and enjoy music. Don’t watch it on YouTube or on your phone and shit like that. It’s way better. Way better in person.   

Mick: It’s always a good night with Fake News. 

Nick: Make sure you’ve got a big rider! 

Mick: We love other people’s riders as well!

Interview by Bec O’Reilly @bec.belles

Stream Take Me Away EP here

fake news take me away ep review

Fake News – Take Me Away tracklisting

1. Where We Stand
2. Nothing Town
3. …Rise & Fall
4. Hand Of Doubt