blink-182’s GOAT Lineup Reunion At Coachella Was Nothing Short of… Historical

I’ve cried four separate times over this past weekend – twice at two different weddings, and the other two were during blink-182‘s EPIC return to the stage at Coachella

After soaking up the experience all weekend (not to mention seeing stacks of news sites incorrectly reporting facts about the band/comeback) – it only seemed fitting to put together my own recount, to build anticipation for their triumphant return to Australia in 2024.

It had been 3,107 days since blink-182 last played a show with Tom DeLonge – and the excitement for his return has been growing strong in various groups across social media. Prior to this, the band had to cancel their South American launch of their World Tour due to Travis injuring, and receiving surgery on his ring finger – so when Coachella announced the band’s surprise appearance the day before – the internet well and truly started blowing up with expectations for their first show back together again.

“How will it sound? What songs will they play? Will it be better than the last comeback tour? Is Tom going to sound good? How is Mark post-cancer battle? Can Travis play considering he fucked up his finger? And most importantly, how many dick jokes will they pull out?”

For us in Australia, the majority of the blink legion of fans tuned into the live stream at 11:45am AEST on Saturday, where we were met with the spellbinding sight of Mark Hoppus and Tom chatting backstage – which in turn filled our hearts with love and the elation started building for what was about to happen.

Shortly after, Travis made his way on screen and the crowd watching via the tv-screens lost their collective minds. This was the first time in 8.5 years we have seen the GOAT lineup together, preparing to dominate the stage – and dominate they did.

As the pop punk godfathers entered to thunderous applause (including those of us watching online) they launched straight into ‘Family Reunion’ which set the tone for the rest of their hour-long set of throwback hits and deep cuts. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket opening song ‘Anthem Part Two‘ followed and it was during this song that shit got real. Hearing Tom belting out the words brought on this sense of comfort and fulfilment knowing the band were back together in fine form. His iconic ‘twang’ was on point and the back and forth between him and Mark was as if no time had passed between shows. Travis bashed away on the kit like a horny bunny on Viagra and he didn’t let up for the entire duration of their performance.

HUGE nostalgia overloads happened throughout with hits such as ‘The Rock Show‘, ‘Man Overboard’,Feeling This‘, ‘Aliens Exist’, ‘First Date’ and ‘Down’ reminding us how tight this trio are when they put their heart and soul into their shows. Then we had gobsmacking deep cuts ‘Reckless Abandon’, ‘Dysentery Gary’, ‘Dumpweed’ and ‘Don’t Leave Me‘ flashing back to the glory years, signifying the mark they’ve left upon fans in the pop punk/alternative scene throughout the 2000s.

New single Edging even made it’s live debut and went off without a hitch – sounding like it had been in their back catalogue for 31 years – which made us all stoked once again for this illusive album the boys are set to release this year. Radio blockbusters ‘What’s My Age Again‘ and ‘All The Small Things‘ provided huge singalong moments, but it was the emo anthem ‘I Miss You‘ from 2003’s Untitled record that really left the biggest impact – just hearing everyone in attendance belting out the words ‘Where are youuuuuu, and I’m so sorry’ was tear-inducing. We all know that song holds a special place in our hearts, but seeing the thousands upon thousands of fans singing along in unison was otherworldly. Also kudos to Tom for staying true to the album recording and singing the infamous line ‘The voice inside my YEAD’ – that will never not get old or stale.

Speaking of things that won’t get old – Mark and Tom’s comedy routine was on fire, with the lads swapping hilarious back-and-forth jabs at each other, including dick, testicles, cum and wet jokes a-plenty, but it was Tom’s Dalai Lama Kissing Booth gag that had everyone laughing.

For the ill-informed, last week the Dalai Lama made headlines for asking a young boy to ‘lick his tongue’ which he has since released a statement, saying was nothing short of a joke – whether that be true or not – DeLonge gave it plenty of mentions throughout and I can safely say that joke will last (forever) alongside previous on-stage antics such as ‘Tom Has Sex With Guys’ at the end of ‘Aliens Exist’ (on The Mark, Tom and Travis Show live album) and Mark’s ‘Where’s My Asian Friend’ alternative lyric during ‘WMAA’ on the same record. Peak blink comedy – which also translated well with the band pulling out joke song ‘Happy Holidays You Bastard – resulting in 30 seconds of pure punk goodness.

The band also made their own statement about the current state of Cancel Culture, revealing they should have been cancelled for previous antics, but they opposed the idea.

“There’s a lot of shit we should have been cancelled for, we say FUCK YOU cancellation. Fuck you [it’s a] punk rock show!” with Mark’s voice of reason chiming in with ‘How about just don’t be a dick? It’s that easy!’ before Tom rebutted with ‘Yeah, you are what you eat!’

As blink-182 ended their awe-inspiring set with ‘Dammit‘, and fans worldwide celebrated this historical moment together, almost instantly, our attention in Australia turned to their forthcoming 2024 tour – which is a special occasion in itself as it marks the first return of Travis Barker down under since 2004 – 20 years later! The fact that Travis is able to fly again following his 2008 plane accident and road to recovery can be traced back to his marriage to best friend, Kourtney Kardashian – who has been helping the drummer overcome his fear of flying since the pair started dating in late 2020. Mark Hoppus also faced his own obstacles in recent years, after publicly revealing he was battling cancer in 2021. He announced he was cancer-free in September of that year – and earlier this year, the duo reunited with Tom DeLonge – who rejoined the group with that aforementioned world tour and new song in tow.


blink-182 holds a special place in a lot of our hearts. Not just here at Wall of Sound, but the Australian music scene, so I opened the doors for contributions from signature stars of the industry – to share their own thoughts on the return of the trio who helped shape our youth and continue to provide us with hope, love and an overall sense of belonging into our adult years.

Still got it! Still the best. More hits more angst more excitement than ever! – Amy Shark

Life’s better when Tom’s in blink. The Dalai Lama joke was the best blink joke I’ve ever heard – James Tidswell (Violent Soho/Domestic La La)

blink has always been a huge part of my life, ‘Josie’ was the first song I heard when I was about 8 or 9. When Travis joined my world was instantly changed, obviously for the better. From being a diehard, going through the breakups, the plane crash, the reunion, playing WITH blink, the cancer, and now this moment. Seeing the boys back together at Coachella hit me in a special part of my heart, I can’t lie, Tom’s verse in ‘I Miss You’ was emotional for me. I cried okay? Fine. You got it out of me. blink-182 life, for life. – Scott Eckel (MAKEOUT)

I can’t believe our pop punk daddies are together again – it’s the family reunion we all wanted but didn’t know we NEEDED. I think seeing The Mark, Tom + Travis show alive and thriving ignited something in the souls of every pop punk kid – the first thing I did was pick up my guitar to play along and then I cried a little. The Coachella setlist was perfection, the banter was impeccable, seeing them on stage together again was wholesome af – huge full circle moment. I know it’s April but man, what a way to bring in 2023. – Luana Tosti-Guerra (Paperweight)

I’m still buzzing… It’s 2023, you have live backstage footage of your favourite band chatting together about to take the stage and make history. A moment that brought goosebumps and joy to real blink fans is something we’ll always remember. Something about those 3 together makes you still feel young and not want to take things too serious, but I always believed Tom would come back, so I also have to believe in aliens. That’s the deal – Liam Hennessy (Take Us To Vegas/Behind Crimson Eyes)

While Tom has reunited with the band before, there is something about this re-reuniting that is so empathic. Even watching via a livestream, the energy that the band members are finally sharing again can be felt from halfway across the world. Who would have thought that three guys in their late 40s to early 50s would still be making us forget our ages so easily. Can’t wait for this album and to see them next year! – John Stokes (Drastic Park)

Without the king there is no castle. It’s just a shitty house. But after that set King Tom has returned to restore order in his pop punk kingdom – Brad Smith (Heroes For Hire)

Coachella 2023 Setlist

Family Reunion
Anthem Pt 2
The Rock Show
Man Overboard
Feeling This
Reckless Abandon
Dysentery Gary
What’s My Age Again
Aliens Exist
First Date
Don’t Leave Me
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
I Miss You
All The Small Things


Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown (@brownypaul)

blink return to Australia in Feb 2024!

blink-182 – World Tour – Australia 2024
with Rise Against


Friday, Feb 23 @ Qudos Bank Arena, Syd

Saturday, Feb 24 @ Qudos Bank Arena, Syd

Tuesday, Feb 27 @ Rod Laver Arena, Melb

Tickets Here

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