The Opinion Industry Go Harder in New Video for ‘No Clue’

The Opinion Industry #Trending EP interview

We’ve had our eyes and ears firmly planted on The Opinion Industry since we premiered their music video for ‘They’re Recording This‘ in 2021 and now the band re-emerged with one final track before the release of their debut EP #Trending on Friday, April 14th.

The best way to explain this act is – if Aunty Donna and Rise Against copulated and had a baby that made a career out of music and current events, they’d grow up to become The Opinion Industry – a satirical hard rock outfit that provides catchy lyrics with impressive riffs on a soundtrack for topical issues such as Big Tech Companies exploiting our information, keyboard warriors and our fav, Karens!

This new tune focuses on the people that are so far up their own arses, there’s no talking sense into them as the band explains,

“No Clue is a song about today, a frustrating situation where people tend to speak with a level of certainty that is very uncomfortable to me as it’s beyond reason and sense. No matter how clever or smart people think they are – the variables will kick you (and us) in the backside in many ways that can’t be considered. No Clue addresses some of the more obvious examples in recent times.”

Combined with a music video that’s 8-bit awesomeness until controlled circumstances, it adds to the visual art this band captures in their music so well – it’s not just the lyrics that’ll get you thinking, it’s the accompanying videos and music that really help solidify the story being told.

There aren’t many bands in the game right now doing this kind of thing, and it just stands out to me because it’s such a unique concept that has already resulted in an earworm of a track, that will WITHOUT A DOUBT be stuck in your brain for days after listening to it – give that one a spin here.

For the heavy fans, frontman Benj Axwel dabbles in a bit of screaming and I’d personally love to see the band hone in on this attribute in future releases.

Until then, give the new track a spin ahead of Friday’s EP drop!

Words by Paul Browny Brown @brownypaul

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The Opinion Industry - #Trending EP

The Opinion Industry – #Trending tracklisting

1. No Comment (Chant)
2. Opinions
3. Petitions & Protesters
4. They’re Recording This
5. No Clue
6. Karen

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