Sicksense Knock Some Sense Into the Scene with New Release ‘Fools Tomorrow’

Sicksense 2023

Almost one year ago, alt-nu metalers Sicksense released their killer debut EP Kings Today. It got our attention here at Wall Of Sound, and looking at the streaming numbers along with their YouTube hits we weren’t the only ones to sit up and take notice.

This time Vicky, Rob and co have snared the Jedi Ninja himself Billy Grey (Fozzy) to lay down a tasty solo for the first single off their second EP ‘Fools Tomorrow’. If sexy lead riffs and intricate playing are your Achilles heel, go no further than this new offering which also combines nu-metal rapping and glorious clean vocals for the chorus.

With their two EPs aligned – Kings Today / Fools Tomorrow – we can only assume the two will go hand in hand and we cannot wait to see what else they have planned for the release – set to drop on June 12th.

Written by Gareth Williams

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Sicksense – Fools Tomorrow EP tracklisting 

1. Feed Them To The Wolves
2. Fools Tomorrow (feat. Billy Grey)
3. Invitation
4. Run And Hide
5. Erase, Rewind

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