Headwreck – Reflection Room (EP Review)

Headwreck - Reflection Room EP Review

Headwreck – Reflection Room
Released: April 7th, 2023

Headwreck Lineup:

Connor Hickman | Vocals
Dayne Paix | Bass
Jamo Benadie |Guitar/vocals
Colby Horton | Drums

Headwreck Online:


Brisbane melodic-hardcore act Headwreck killed it when they dropped their first EP Glamorise Demise. After an aggressive debut of a record, it was clear that they were just beginning. Continuing the new music journey is the second EP Reflection Room. Hopefully, by now you’ve at least heard the excellent singles ‘Shiver’ and ‘Let It Feel’, which provide a bit of insight into how the rest of the record turns out. Based on that alone, I’ve been looking forward to spinning this one. Read on to find out why you should too!

The first track is the second single ‘Shiver’, which introduces us to the EP with a composition of electronics and bass lines before hitting us with vocalist Connor Hickman’s powerful screams. Overlapped with guitarist /vocalist Jamo Benadie’s soothing melodies, this creates a strong impression of what to expect here. The vocals blend and separate well, and Headwreck uses electronic effects with groovy results.

The latest single ‘Poseidon’ is up next, opening with chunky guitars courtesy of Jamo. This track hits hard nonstop for over a minute and graces us with an exciting breakdown. The emotional cuts come through once the clean vocals begin, taking the listener to an emotional crescendo, resulting in extended heavy melodies.

Let It Feel’ turns the dial up to 11 and brings the heat. The catchy guitars and vocals make this heavy banger a treat, I particularly like how refined but not over the top the use of effects is when enhancing breakdowns or instrumentals. Ending with a soaring clean vocals effort, I find myself wanting to chuck this track on repeat once or twice before continuing further through the EP. This track ticks every one of my boxes and I can’t get enough of it. ‘Fade In’ is a short welcome interlude/intro to ‘Substance’ which perfectly captures the instrumentals of Headwreck, with highlights from bassist Dayne Paix and drummer Colby Horton before Jamo brings in tough riffs alongside synth elements.

Once ‘Substance’ kicks in, the track retains the rhythm established in ‘Fade In’ without losing any momentum. The track builds to an aggressive peak thanks to Connor’s vocals before transitioning to familiar rhythms and Jamo’s cleans. The soaring melodies build with the instrumentals before a fun and almost hopeful-sounding climax.

The final track ‘Why Won’t You’ brings this EP to a close in style. The extended synth intro transitioned effortlessly into the hardcore vocals, before slowing down once again to pleasant cleans. Almost suddenly after I expected this clean segment to continue longer, Connor brings on his heavy and consistent vocals. Dayne drops some heavy bass throughout this track without detracting from the Headwreck sound as this EP concludes.

Whilst their influences may be clear to those familiar with the genre (getting some Amity Affliction vibes), this band stands out among a crowded genre. They learn what they could do differently from Glamorise Demise, showcasing their continued growth as musicians. Reflection Room is a stunner of a record that puts Headwreck in a special spot among some of the champions of the genre.

Headwreck – Reflection Room EP Tracklisting:

1. Shiver
2. Poseidon
3. Let It Feel
4. Fade In
5. Substance
6. Why Won’t You?

Rating 7.5/10
Reflection Room is out Friday, Apr 7. Presave here.
Review by Tyler Lubke.