Headwreck – Glamorise Demise (EP Review)

Headwreck – Glamorise Demise EP
Released: November 19, 2021


Connor Hickman // vocals
Callen Batson // bass
Jamo Benadie // guitar/vocals
Colby Horton // drums



Ever since I caught onto one of their early tracks ‘Freefall’, I’ve been watching Brisbane metalcore upcomers Headwreck rise the ranks throughout much of 2021. The band share two members with fellow Brissie alternative/rock outfit Days Like These, and if they felt a little soft for you, then Headwreck might be more for you. I witnessed them live for the first time opening for Brisbane heavyweights Deadlights, and a mere few months later, our paths crossed again at a Reside gig in the Valley. In a live setting, these guys intrigued me so much that they’ve actually become THE local band to watch this year. Glamorise Demise is the band’s hot-off-the-press debut EP, and oh boy, it’s pretty evident that we are looking at the future of Queensland metalcore.

Kicking off on a high note is the cutting edge ‘Empty Space’. The first time I heard this, my mind was absolutely blown away by the intensity of the riffs. Play this loud enough for the people in the back as vocalist Connor Hickman soars into the unknown. Sonically, I can hear these boys are very influenced by what they’re listening to, and it’s probably Northlane, ERRA and a little bit of everything else. However, it’s ‘Eulogy’ by and large that is the band’s most impressive single to date. When this dropped last month, I couldn’t help but notice how eerie those low, melodic vocals resembled Ahren Stringer (The Amity Affliction). I’m also very much in awe with how the layered screams and vocals ebb in between those crushingly heavy instrumentals. I can’t stop singing the line, “Dance on my grave to an anthem…” — what a hook! The musicality here alone is proof that Headwreck are destined for bigger and brighter and fuck, they’re barely getting started!

Newest single ‘The End of the Suite’ begins on a low note, but it’s here that we see Connor’s vulnerability begin to seep through. Instrumentally it did feel a little bit overproduced for a new band and the lyrics struggled to come through for me. There’s definitely alot happening, and on future releases it probably wouldn’t hurt for the boys to take a moment and fixate on one musical aspect at a time. Headwreck are still a young band, and quickly becoming a hot act to follow — I just hope they don’t burn out too quickly here.

An interlude on a six-track EP to me feels slightly redundant, so for me personally, ‘Respite’ lost me for a minute. In saying that though, ‘Nicotine’ is sure to entice right back in what the band are offering up. The guitars are tuned all the way up, and alongside co-vocalist Jamo Benadie, will literally make your skin crawl at the amount of aggression one track can hold. Finishing as strong as they began, ‘Freefall’ will surely send your spine tingling with excitement if you haven’t got around this track yet. I’m super intrigued at the vague electronic influences hiding inbetween the melting pot of styles that are firing on all cylinders on the final two songs.

Glamorise Demise is a stunningly aggressive debut for a band who’ve barely graduated from metalcore pre-school. Yeah, it’s a little overproduced in areas and there’s plenty happening over six tracks. But hey, it still works. Headwreck have proven to us in a short space of time the insurmountable talent they hold, and that they’re not going anywhere. Should they play their cards right over the next year, we’ll be seeing Headwreck following a similar path that many Brisbane heavy bands have set before them. To be honest, I feel like this is only just the beginning for them…

Headwreck – Glamorise Demise EP tracklisting:

1. Empty Space
2. Eulogy
3. The End of the Suite
4. Respite
5. Nicotine
6. Freefall

Rating: 8/10
Glamorise Demise is out tomorrow. Pre-save here
Review By Tamara May @citylightstam

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