Wildheart Come Out Swinging with Double Release (Cover & Original) ‘Solid Rock // Sacred Ground’

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It’s time for Brisbane/Meanjin band Wildheart to take control of their destiny – which finds the melodic-hardcore act stepping the fuck up with their music following today’s announcement of the release of a new song, and an exceptional cover that’s going to smack you in the face instantly.

Firstly, the lads have covered the iconic Goanna track ‘Solid Rock‘ – streaming hourly on your Grandpa’s fav rock radio station *cough yeah that one I used to work at cough* – and the lengths they have gone to, to create a heavy rendition of the pub rock classic is nothing short of incredible. Featuring cameos from Amariah Cook of Future Static and Jordan Olive of Nervous Light, the heavier version will no doubt be a huge hit at their upcoming shows, including appearances on the UNIFY Off The Record Tour in May (QLD/SA Only).

Not only that, but the band tracked down Russell Smith, the current touring member of Goanna, who provides the Digeridoo performance throughout the song. An impeccable nod to the OG band and a great way to pay respects.

On top of the cover, the band have also released their own original track titled ‘Sacred Ground‘ which delivers a blowing kick to the face showcasing the band’s progression as musicians with plenty of throwdown sections, chuggy riffs and frontman Axel Best’s powerful screams that urge you to listen to what he’s saying, especially with the pre-breakdown call of:

‘One hundred years of history / lost to the pockets of the filthy rich / take away our rights and our culture / then send us to an early graaaaave’

We asked Wildheart about the inspiration behind the new tune, to which they explained:

“‘Sacred Ground’ was written in response to an ABC article posted in November 2021 that showcased documents released under Freedom of Information laws detailing the NT Government had negotiated changes in water rules, so Fortune Agribusinesses could build one of Australia’s largest fruit farms and basically syphon as much water as they want. Traditional Land Owners were not consulted, both Indigenous leaders and environmental workers said that this will have a negative effect on the ecosystem and directly affects the community. The only reason we saw anything was because the ABC acquired details through the Freedom of Information act, so when Axel showed this to the band we felt like it would tie in well lyrically.

This obviously isn’t the first time this has happened, look at the Adani coal mine in QLD, look at what Rio Tinto did and walked away with a slap on the wrist for destroying a sacred aboriginal site.”

“Wildheart also believe it is important that these underrepresented communities are supported and feel that they are being heard, and hope they can use music to help them feel heard and supported and represent them in the heavy music community.”

Wildheart Solid Rock // Sacred Ground

Wildheart 2023 📸: James Latter Films

After shedding baggage holding them back and living up to the expectations we always knew they had in them, 2023 is going to be a massive year of discovery for the band and their new fans. Their debut album Global Crisis was a fantastic statement piece (and collection of heavy belters), which scored them an honourable Gold Coast Music Award for Release Of The Year in the process.

But these two offerings sound miles ahead of what they’ve done in the past and are jam-packed with important messages that will surely start turning heads in their direction.

We cannot wait to see where they take the tracks this year and beyond. Both tracks have been added to our Aussie Heavyweights & Hitmakers playlist. Add them to yours too!

Like what you hear? Pre-order the vinyl at the band’s website now!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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Wildheart - Solid Rock // Sacred

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