VIDEO PREMIERE: Chaos Awaits Pays Homage to Japan’s Metal Scene with Hectic ‘Irasshaimase Motherf*cker’

Chaos Awaits Irrasshaimase Motherfucker metal heavy metal band

We last caught up with one-man-metal-band Chaos Awaits following the release of his debut single ‘Hymen Thoroughfare‘ back in February, and since then, it’s been a little quiet on the metal front for this Gold Coast-based act… until now!

BM Sanchez is back with one of the catchiest breakdown-filled choruses in existence with ‘Irrasshaimase Motherfucker‘, a nod to Japan and their heavy metal-obsessed underground scene. Sanchez, who speaks fluent Japanese absolutely fucking shreds on this track, which should only be experienced with the volume turned the absolute fuck up. Seriously, when the chorus hits, you’ll find it hard to contain yourself as you scream the words ‘Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, GOOOOOO’ back at your speakers. It’s easily accessible for metal fanatics and provides a simple, yet effective way to learn Japanese in the process.

The new single comes from Chaos Awaits‘ debut album Destination: Sanchez which has been surprise released on streaming platforms after years of sitting dormant on his PC – a move that not only caused this writer’s brain to melt, but which he was more than willing to further explain for new fans.

On top of his big-dick-energy release strategy, we asked BM Sanchez a bit about his new single’s inspiration, his metal influences and why he decided to drop a straight-up Japanese-infused anthem that has the potential to become an instant TikTok trend…

BM Sanchez, welcome back to Wall of Sound. Firstly, tell us about the inspiration behind the conception of ‘Irrasshaimase Motherfucker’

I love Japan. I love everything about Japan. The culture. The countryside. The food. Everything. I especially love the language, so I thought it would be fun to make a Japanese Metal song. What started as just fucking around quickly turned into an actual song that is as brutal as it is catchy. It was a lot of fun and I’m extremely proud of the result!

It’s a straight-up metal anthem paying homage to the Japanese metal scene – how long have you been bi-lingual with Japanese, and what influenced you to take the band in this direction?

I started learning Japanese in primary school. What started as a compulsory subject became a passion, and I elected to continue Japanese all the way through high school. I am not fluent; conversational at best, but I love the language so much that I have retained much of what I learned in school.

Every time I meet a Japanese person I am itching to speak their language. I have always loved Japanese people and how excited they are when a blue-eyed Aussie speaks their language!

For the ill-informed give us a rundown of this universe you’ve created with your Chaos Awaits persona BM Sanchez, and how it ties into your music

There’s a long story behind BM Sanchez that I’ll save for a different conversation, but the short version is BM Sanchez is my stage name. After a disappointing end to my previous band Vow To Conquer I decided to start a new solo project under the band name Chaos Awaits.

After recording about 30 demos I finally gained the confidence to send them to Chris Themelco [Orpheus Omega], an extremely talented & lovely musician & sound engineer who vibed what I was doing and flew up from Melbourne to record the album.

It became apparent that the story behind BM Sanchez is of a cyberpunk who in the dystopian future finds himself traversing the galaxy in search of new experiences. Hence the anime / cyberpunk themes in my music. Think of the project as a Heavy Metal / Punk Rock version of Gorillaz.

BM SANCHEZ in Vow To Conquer. Photo: Troy Threlfo

For those following the journey, who would you say are key players in the evolution of Chaos Awaits’ core sound?

Metallica, Megadeth, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine and Sum 41

Being a one-man-band has its pros and cons… What have you found to be the best things about being in a solo band and what do you miss about working with other members?

Being a one-man band is great for control freaks like me, but it can also be pretty lonely at times. I really miss the energy and camaraderie of being in a band and it is definitely something I will consider in the future if I find a cool bunch of people that enjoy working together.

You’ve also for some reason surprise released your debut album Destination: Sanchez – no drip-feeding singles, no warning, just boom, it’s online for all to see and hear – what was the thought process behind this strategy?

BM Sanchez is currently under arrest and awaiting trial in a distant galaxy with a time dilation factor of 1 to 8,640. This means every 5 minutes on Earth equates to approximately 30 days where Sanchez is currently located. Here on Earth “Destination: Sanchez” feels like a complete album drop, but each song will be released roughly monthly on Planet Sanchez.

BM’s plan is to use the gradual release to slowly manipulate the jury, hoping to be acquitted in time for the second album, due for release here on Earth in late 2023.

In this current state of the music business, TikTok is an extremely useful tool for emerging bands and artists – why do you think ‘Irrasshaimase Motherfucker’ has the potential to become a viral hit with metalheads?

‘Irasshaimase Motherfucker’ is unashamedly Metal. It doesn’t pretend to be anything but a thrashy Metal anthem. Don’t expect anything deep or moving with this track. All you’re getting is a good old fashioned headbanger!

Chaos Awaits exists only online with no plans to take the band out on the road anytime soon – are you exploring other options of creative content to tell your story – if so, any sneak peeks?

No concrete plans here but stay tuned.

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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Watch the ‘Irrasshaimase Motherfucker‘ video below

Stream debut album Destination: Sanchez here

Chaos Awaits - Destination Sanchez album metal band

Chaos Awaits – Destination: Sanchez tracklisting

1. Demons In the Night
2. Drowning In Bluewater
3. Hymen Thoroughfare
4. Irrasshaimase Motherfucker
5. True Love Never Dies
6. Canadian Regression
7. B.D.K.
8. Unrectifiable Despondency
9. 4ever (The Veronicas cover)
10. Shanty Man (The Fisherman’s Friends cover)

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