Rumours Revive Their Sound In Latest ‘Transparency In Mourning’

The journey of Rumours has been one of ever-changing proportions and has perhaps reached its peak within the band’s now two-man lineup. However, from the days of ‘Paralysed’ and their If Only You Could Feel Something Too EP, to the duo’s latest single ‘Transparency In Mourning’, one thing has remained the same- that being an impressive feat of creativity and delivery. 

‘Transparency In Mourning’ finds its soul through a haunting undertone, captured through eclectic background sounds and an agonizing sense of self-reflection within the chorus. Through simple but refined layers, Rumours leave out the excessive flair and in-your-face elements to instead let their instant sing-along lyrics and addictive tone of voice shine. Unexpectedly creeping its way into your brain as an earworm, ‘Transparency In Mourning’ will likely have you pressing the repeat button. 

You can catch ‘Transparency In Mourning’ live when Rumours venture out to support Bad/Love on April 21st  at Melbourne’s Evelyn Hotel (tickets here). For now, you can catch the track below! 

Words by Georgia Haskins @ghaskins2002 

Stream ‘Transparency In Mourning’ here