Rumours – If Only You Could Feel Something Too (EP Review)

RUMOURS – If Only You Could Feel Something Too (EP Review)
Released: March 19, 2021

Line up:

Jackson Bentley | vocals
Harry Coote | guitar
Benjamin Canham | guitar
Dustin Bayley | bass


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After years of hard working silence, Melbourne’s alternative rock four piece Rumours are finally back with their sophomore EP, If Only You Could Feel Something Too. Rumours first hit my radar back in 2019 when they released their single ‘Paralysed’. Hooked and dying to hear more, I thankfully only had to wait another 5 months after that before they then dropped ‘Incredulous’. Even with a small catalogue so far, Rumours have already shared the stage with the likes of The Amity Affliction, Windwaker and Ocean Grove, just to name a (big) few. The guys also scored two spots in the 2019 Hardest 100, with ‘Paralysed’ hitting number 68 and ‘Incredulous’ at number 57, such a massive achievement for the band.

The year of 2020 saw Rumours unfortunately lose their drummer Reece Philpot and like many other bands, play their last show for a quite a while. Rather than letting the departure of Reece and the effects of COVID slow them down in any way, Rumours made it very apparent to us that it would be used to their advantage and they would come out the other side swinging harder than ever.

The EP starts off with my favourite track, ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’. Look, I’ll be straight up. This song gives me the confidence of a powerful super hero, strutting the streets ready to kick some ass. Even with a splash of Bring Me the Horizon vibes, Rumours have done an incredible job in leaving their mark through such a unique sound. The frantic and psychotic sounding vocals give the song a rougher edge and with one of the greatest shifts in time signatures I’ve ever heard; I can’t fault it. Also, what a fucking cool film clip. I love the fluro, cyberpunk aesthetics and just how badly it makes me want to go to a party with Rumours.

Neurosis’ dropped a week before the EP release and when I saw it featured Will King from Windwaker, I was actually expecting a heavier song. Definitely happy to be wrong on this occasion though, it’s so nice to see such a raw and vulnerable side bared on this EP. Jackson’s vocals echo immense desperation and pain, like someone reaching their hand to be frantically pulled from the rough ocean. Will’s feature is chilling and beautiful, but as if we’d expect any less from the King himself. Lyrics ‘what would it take to come alive‘ express the ache of feeling overcome and defeated in oneself. Dynamically shifting the mood through the effervescent chorus, it’s like a cloudy, rainy day where you catch the clouds part slightly and these glistening sunbeams cascade their way through.

Even though it was released back in 2019, I can confirm ‘Incredulous’ still absolutely slaps. I’m very happy that it’s earned a spot on the EP, fitting like a glove with its catchy hooks, distorted screams and big, anthemic chorus. If you’ve slept on it for the past 2 years, I’d recommend changing that ASAP. Even your Mum will like this song, it’s a certified banger. Winning the award for the most infectious melody, is track ‘MANIA’. I’ve not been able to stop listening to this since it was released a few months back. The nu-metal aesthetics layer themselves over staticky, angsty screams and echoed riffs. I particularly enjoy the use of their trademarked autotuned vocals saying ‘this is mania’, moments before the groovacious breakdown graces your eardrums.

The second to last track ‘The Same Kind’ features Merry Kirk-Holmes, vocalist for To Octavia. As if it wasn’t explosive enough already, there’s the use of this keyboard synth noise, rapidly building up to sound like a bomb is about to go off. Manic screams collide full force with intricate guitar work between both Harry and Benjamin, creatively portraying both elements of light, melodic moments and dark, crushing depths.

Live Forever (Paralysed Pt. 2)’ opens with charming synths and distant ‘ooohs’, reminding me a little of a Rüfüs Du Sol song. The vocals in the chorus are so achingly beautiful and are sure to make your heart wince. Without a second to recover, you’re thrown head first into what I believe is one of the best breakdown sections on the entire EP. I really wasn’t expecting such a deep and grimey growl from Jackson, but holy hell is it tasty. I love the clever call back to ‘Paralysed’ (Pt. 1), through the familiar melody and lyrics ‘it feels so paralysed’. The imaginative meshing of the two songs just reinforces that Rumours are a band to pay very close attention to.

Rumours have truly struck gold here, showcasing an array of versatility and a huge leap in progression. If Only You Could Feel Something Too is explosive, expressive, anthemic and groovy as hell.

This band is going to be huge, don’t blink or you might miss them opening the arena for Bring Me The Horizon.

Rumours – If Only You Could Feel Something Too tracklisting:

1. If Only You Could Feel Something Too
2. The Same Kind (feat. Merry Kirk-Holmes)
3. Incredulous
4. Neurosis (feat. Will King)
6. Live Forever (Paralysed Pt. 2)

Rating: 7.5/10
If Only You Could Feel Something Too is out March 19 2020. Pre save it here
Review By – Rhiannon Porter (@rrhiannonporter)

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