Mélancolia Announce Debut Record HissThroughRottenTeeth; Stream ‘[Inure]’

Melancolia 2023

Inure’ – accustom (someone) to something, especially something unpleasant...”


Phew, sorry! Just had to consult the ‘metal dictionary’ and get my bearings real quick… And the actual dictionary, I’ll be honest! “Blackened deathcore,” huh? Hell yeah! Let’s rock n’ roll, baby! 

A huge moment for any artist, Melbourne-based misanthropes Mélancolia have announced their debut album, HissThroughRottenTeeth available April 21 via the combined efforts of Nuclear Blast Records and Greyscale Records alike – recent signings that are well deserved. 

Setting the stage with the aptly named ‘[Inure]’, this quartet shows striking discipline on their sophomore single. Favoring a precise, driving attack–not unlike more established peers such as Lorna Shore or A Night in Texas, Mélancolia seek to leave their own mark on a bustling [heavy music] scene!

Having introduced themselves to the world with 2022’s absolutely disgusting Horror_Ethereal,’ this group took the ‘two guitars, no bass’ lineup of Rings of Saturn and turned the conversation from aliens to human sufferingyikes. Caught in the spotlight, the band is rounded out by Joshua Taafe and Billy Morris on strings, vocalist Alex Hill, and Mason Page behind the kit.

Across the modern metal scene, the novelty of the breakdown seems to be slowly wearing away as countless groups steer their sound towards a traditional, warrior-like march; ‘[Inure]’ is a shining example, over four minutes of windmill riffage that refuses to let up–even for a moment! The track’s standout breakdown doesn’t appear until 2:52 and does little to offer any significant contrast.

However, the top-tier musicianship on display–especially that coming from frontman Alex Hill–supplants any minor critiques of the song; showing off an abundance of strength and stamina–with an impressive range to boot–Hill navigates weaving riffs and galloping drums with ease, delivering wanton sermons of angst and apathy. 

Essentially the album is about the pain of existence and how we get no say in coming into this world,”  laments Hill.

An unusually bright horizon for an exceptionally dark band, stay tuned for HissThroughRottenTeeth dropping next month and catch Mélancolia at Stay Gold in Melbourne a week before release on April 14.

Words by Thomas Hiscock

Stream ‘[Inure]here

Pre-Order/Save HissThroughRottenTeeth here

Melancolia HissThroughRottenTeeth

Mélancolia HissThroughRottenTeeth tracklisting

1. Horror_Ethereal
2. Dread Will Follow
4. When Shovels Drag On Concrete
5. The Hands That Tied The Noose
6. [Inure]
7. HissThroughRottenTeeth
8. …a cold static eulogy

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