Invent Animate Continue To Shine With ‘Immolation Of Night’ & Announce Heavener Record

Invent Animate 2023

We know that you have been spinning both ‘Elysium‘ and ‘Shade Astray‘ by Texan metalcore kings Invent Animate non-stop since their release last year, but put those tracks on pause for just a second and hear me out. Just when we all thought that things couldn’t get any better, the band have treated us with some fresh material to obsess over for the foreseeable future.

New track ‘Immolation Of Night‘ has arrived and it’s heavy with intricacies that breathe fresh life into the bands ever-changing sound. The constant ebb and flow between hard hitting djent styled guitar riffs and low tuned guitar chugs definitely fills the Invent Animate new song shaped hole in our souls.

On the new single, drummer Trey Celaya comments:

“While searching for inspiration to write this song, I had grown tired of recounting past trauma and things that have hurt me and still affect me. It was making me feel powerless, and I wanted to take that power back and approach from a different angle. This song was born of a realization that all of my suffering has actually made me incredibly resilient and grounded, and I am not the weak person that I sometimes feel that I am. In reality, I have a certain confidence in life that I wouldn’t have if not for my losses and failures. They’ve given me a lot of good characteristics and shaped me into who I am today, and it’s a person I’m proud of.”

Invent Animate fans are sure to be ecstatic about this one, and if three new singles under their belt isn’t enough, how about a new album? The prog-metalcore delicacies have announced upcoming record Heavener, out March 17 via UNFD. The record will feature 11 singles in total, including the three we’ve heard so far.

Words by Adam Rice

Stream ‘Immolation Of Nighthere

Pre-order Heavener here

Invent Animate Heavener

Invent AnimateHeavener tracklisting

1. Absence Persistent
2. Shade Astray
3. Labyrinthe
4. Without A Whisper
5. False Meridian
6. Reverie
7 .Immolation of Night
8. Purity Weeps
9. Void Surfacing
10. Emberglow
11. Elysium

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