Invent Animate Outdo Themselves Once Again with ‘Shade Astray’

Invent Animate 2022

It’s been a fairly big year for prog-metalcore outfit Invent Animate who announced their signing to UNFD with the announcement of their 2021 EP The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was (our review here). To chat about the release, we had a chat to session instrumentalist Trey Celaya (read it here), who also joined Fit For A King around the same time on drums.

Since September last year, it seems like Invent Animate have been cooking up some more magic, and have now dropped brand new single ‘Shade Astray‘, kicking off what will hopefully be their next full-length album cycle. On the track, the Texan band waste no time and launch straight into technical disarray with the new track, showcasing many layers and textures, true to form.

The combination of chunky deep tuning and polished cleans touch on the melodic hardcore elements (including emotive uncleans) of this band whilst accentuating their prog-metalcore roots. The mid-way point is where things really get interesting – Invent Animate engage in arguably one of their heaviest breakdowns to date. However, instead of prolonging it like most of the metalcore scene, they let it come and go and bridge into the next chapter of the song.

On ‘Shade Astray‘ Celaya comments:

“‘Shade Astray’ is a confessional realization that a relationship has run its course. It admits that it fell far from the ideal they had put on a pedestal, leaving both their ego and the relationship shattered when things are broken beyond repair. At this crossroads, the loss you fear the most is exactly what has to happen. Someone stronger than you has to be able to walk away when you are self-sabotaging. And the only wisdom to be gained is the knowledge that you are not the savior. There’s nothing to be salvaged and you must accept failure and let failure be your teacher. It’s a lesson only learned in solitude.” 

According to UNFD, ‘Shade Astray’ will appear on the Invent Animate‘s next album, due in 2023.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Invent Animate – ‘Shade Astray’ here

Invent Animate - Shade Astray

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