Lo! Unveil New Album The Gleaners with 2 New Tunes ‘Our Fouling Larder’ & ‘Salting the Earth’

Have you ever seen Lo!? They’re a killer live band with a stack of back catalogue music to make you wonder why you slept on them for so long, and now they’re set to drop record #4 The Gleaners on April 7th via Pelagic Records. The new release follows on from 2017’s stellar album Vestigial which they performed in full at Dark Mofo back in 2021 to thunderous applause.

The blackened sludge kings are leaving their mark upon the scene with not one, but two new tracks for fans (new and old) to froth over, including album opening track ‘Our Fouling Leader‘, a non-stop, ominous soundtrack for dread, complete with an accompanying video (at bottom of the article) and ‘Salting the Earth‘ featuring frontman Sam Dillon’s gravelly gutturals taking us on a ride across rocky terrain with guitarist Carl Whitbread setting his tone to doom as the Adrians – Adrian Griffin (drums) and Adrian Shapiro (bass) follow suit with their dark, moody inputs.

When discussing Salting… Sam says:

“Salting the Earth is a rapid-fire sermon that hints at the core characters of this album to come. Salting the Earth was a practice employed by invading armies on newly conquered villages where viable crops and fertile lands were salted in order to thwart attempts to feed survivors. We continue this practice in modern times both literally through mass land clearance and unsustainable agricultural techniques and figuratively by forcing our uninvited expertise and signal boosting, weighing in on issues that are not ours to claim. White Fragility is a common phenomena.”

Keen as hell to see what else this band have to offer from this highly anticipated release.

Pre-order The Gleaners and stream ‘Salting the Earthhere

Watch ‘Our Fouling Leader‘ below

lo! - the gleaners album

Lo! – The Gleaners tracklisting

1. Our Fouling Larder
2. Salting the Earth
3. Deafening Bleats of Apathy
4. Rat King
5. The Gleaners
6. Pareidolia
7. Kleptoparasite
8. Cannibal Culture
9. Mammons Horn

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