Gideon Drop Lean Album-Track ‘MORE POWER. MORE PAIN’

Gideon 2023

Like your music unforgiving? Say g’day to Gideon. The hardcore group have made a big return with new album MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. out 17 March via Equal Vision. With their announcement, they shared punch piece ‘Too Much is Never Enough‘.

March is shaping up to be a stupidly huge month for heavy music, and Gideon are joining the party. The Alabama band have now dropped the album-track MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. and it’ll knock you off your feet. Guitarist Daniel McWhorter is relentless and doesn’t believe in balance, just straight-up chaos from front-to-back. Whilst the track follows the same dramatic heaviness as their 101 style, this one takes a turn at the three-quarter mark to deliver a breakdown that feels like it literally slows down time.

On the new single, the band comments:

“Becoming accustomed to pain will leave you asking for more, once you see the growth it can bring,” the band states. “If you can’t turn your pain into power, then you will live your life at the bottom, dwelling in self-pity, depression, and continuing to revisit old versions of yourself. Being self-aware of your pain is a big first step to growing from the past and unlocking your true potential. Pain will always be a part of life. Embrace it, see it for what it truly is, and use it as fuel to build your strength and create the life you were meant to live: Give me more power.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream the ‘MORE POWER. MORE PAIN.‘ single here

Pre-order MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. here

Gideon More Power. More Pain.

Gideon –MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. tracklisting

1. Hell for a Man
2. Locked Out of Heaven
3. Push It Back
4. Too Much Is Never Enough
6. Take Off
7. Damned If I Do (Damned If I Don’t)
8. If You Love Me, Let Me Go
9. Off the Rails
10. The Final Nail
11. Midnight Blue
12. I Will Carry You
13. Back 2 Basics
14. Let ‘Er Fly

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