Distant Drop ‘Argent Justice’ with Vocal Features From TWELVE Deathcore Bands

Distant Argent Justice

Late last year we introduced down-tempo/deathcore band Distant to our readers with lead-single ‘Orphan of Blight‘ off forthcoming record Heritage, out on February 10, 2023 via Century Media Records. The Dutchmen have released a rather impressive discography that’s worth popping an ear to.  

As the clock ticked over into the new year, Distant upped the anti on promoting their new album with second single ‘Argent Justice‘. If that’s not exciting enough, the track features a mighty twelve deathcore bands. The song includes vocalists Eddie Herminda of Suicide Silence, Frankie Palmeri of Emmure, Tomáš Klár of Abbie Falls, Marcus Jasak and Kevin Petersen of Acranius, Mike Greenwood, Casey Tyson-Pearce and Colton Bennet of AngelMaker, Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher, Andreas Bjulver of CABAL, Johnny Ciardullo and Andrew Baena of Carcosa, Dan Tucker of Crown Magnetar, Marc Zelli of Paleface, Aaron Matts of ten56. & Devin Duarte of Worm Shepherd. Just wow.

The monster track is a seven-minute nod to the rise of modern deathcore. The names above are exemplary of the state of the heavy music scene and what a way to kick off 2023 – a year which we’ll no doubt either hear new music from most of these artists, or we very recently did in 2022.

The thirty-second ominous and bassy instrumental collapses with an echoing intro that segue ways into the first verse where Distant vocalist Alan Grnja leads each member of his deathcore orchestra for a few lines each. Particular artists with signature styles like Zelli, Herminda and Palmeri certainly stick out on the menacing track – I really enjoyed Matts’ section too.

Take the challenge to see if you can listen out to each of the vocalists listed above – you’ll definitely pick up on your favourites.

On the track, vocalist Grnja comments:

“The inspiration for that came from animated shows in the 90s where Spider Man would team up with X-Men and stuff like that! We did that on a track in 2020 called ‘Argent Debt’ where we had five other people. We were inspired by being on tour in America and so many of us jumping up onstage and playing together. Every vocalist on this track sounds unique. It’s a bright, colorful rainbow of Deathcore singers!”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Argent Justice‘ here

Pre-save/order Heritage here

Distant Argent of Justice

Distant – Heritage tracklisting

1. Acid Rain
2. Paradigm Shift
3. Born of Blood
4. The Grief Manifest
5. Exofilth
6. Argent Justice feat. Suicide Silence, Emmure, Abbie Falls, Acranius, Angelmaker, Bodysnatcher, Cabal, Carcosa, Crown Magnetar, Paleface, ten56. & Worm Shepherd
7. The Gnostic Uprising
8. A Sentence to Suffer
9. Human Scum
10. Heritage feat. Will Ramos
11. Orphan Of Blight
12. Plaguebreeder

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