Electric Callboy – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 30th November @ Max Watts, Melb VIC

Electric Callboy Melbourne Australia live gig review and photo gallery

Electric Callboy
Max Watts, Melb VIC
November 30, 2022
Supports: Paledusk and DREGG

Since Electric Callboy’s revolutionary single ‘Hypa Hypa’ hit Australian ears, we’ve begged for this unique electronic metalcore act to hit our shores. Our prayers have finally been answered in the form of 2022’s Good Things Festival. Before the festivities begin, we’ve been treated to Electric Callboy’s headline sideshows. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to check out one of their first-ever Australian performances in Melbourne, so I headed to Max Watts to catch them alongside Japanese metalcore unit Paledusk and Melbourne’s new wave hardcore band DREGG. The anticipation was high, and questions were burning regarding the set. How many banger tracks will we see from latest releases TEKKNO and MMXX? Will we see some early tracks from before they exploded in popularity in the West? Read on to find out…

DREGG’s blend of nu-metal and hardcore warmed up the crowd. The band were very energetic on stage, especially the bassist as he kept doing high jumps all over stage. DREGG partied along with the crowd, as vocalist Chris Makertich jumped into the pit too. Nu-metal fashion was ever so present in the late 90s/early 2000s getup of the band as well as during their playthroughs of tracks from The DREGGmusic Mixtape. These elements were combined with the sludgy elements of hardcore breakdowns to the crowd’s delight. DREGG used multiple influences of genres to warm up the crowd and get the party started.

Paledusk exploded on stage after introducing themselves with a modified version of Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’. That was one of the coolest walkouts I’ve seen, and the blistering energy this band delivered was immense. Accompanying electronic backing tracks with arcade sound effects combined so well with vocalist Kaito’s screams. This was particularly through the party of a track ‘BLACK ICE’. I was so enamoured with guitarist Daisuke, as he was constantly bouncing high on stage and hitting amazing riffs. Throughout tracks he showed his string mastery by using pedals to switch from lighter strings in a song like ‘SLAY!!’ to heavy drops whilst performing multiple amazing solos. Seriously one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen. My favourite performance from Paledusk was ‘LIGHTS’. We could get involved as a crowd by vocalising “woah ohhh oh”, the song featured great solos and open choruses, and Kaito came and stood on the barrier while he screamed at us! Paledusk turned the energy up to where we needed to be.

No matter what kind of setlist predictions we had, Electric Callboy absolutely smashed this show. Everything since the original teaser for Good Things Festival had led up to this moment for the sold-out crowd. The intro voiceover alongside some teasing notes for the first track genuinely filled my heart with joy and the belief that nothing would get better than this set. “In a world of desolation and sadness, six ultra-attractive men arose to bring back the joy. So, prepare yourself for the time of your lives. This is Electric Callboy. Are you ready?” Then out they came in the exercise gear featured in ‘Pump It’. Drummer David Friedrich pretended to have his way with his kit before the room exploded with the opener. Vocalists Kevin Ratajczak and Nico Sallach are so amazingly in sync on stage, ensuring that the translation from track to stage for every song was nothing short of incredible. ‘Arrow of Love’ had us feeling the love as Nico constantly towered over yet felt close to the crowd, and bassist Daniel Klossek delivered some strong basslines which worked wonders with the backing electronics. One change into standard attire later, ‘Hate/Love’ was played. Guitarists Daniel “Danskimo” Haniß and Pascal Schillo delivered some strong guitars and riffs throughout. The crowd was constantly singing along, including longer-time fans as we had some throwbacks. ‘The Scene’ was charged with energy and the backing visuals told any newcomers to spell out “T H E S C E N E”.

Nico and Kevin remarked that this next song was fully in German, but it was still a party during ‘Castrop X Spandou’. After what I witnessed, I had to find a rough translation to understand things a little clearer. After the roughly translated lines “’Cause you’re so beautiful, the night only belongs to you and me,” Nico and Kevin shared a quick kiss on stage! A heart-warming display before playing through bangers ‘Supernova’, ‘MC Thunder II (Dancing Like a Ninja)’ and ‘Tekkno Train’. Another costume change later and the wigs were on for my gateway track ‘Hypa Hypa’. When I first heard this single, I made the decision I’d have to see this live one day. That moment was finally here, and I couldn’t help but scream and sing every word to this well-loved song after a beautiful intro where the entire room yelled out the “doot doot doot” beat. I didn’t realise I could have such an emotional connection to a song about partying, but I really did!

After playing through another Tekkno release ‘Parasite’, Kevin told us about a German custom based around two people dancing. He invited everyone to grab a partner and dance to ‘Hurrikan’. The pop shift into deathcore worked so well to create the heaviest moment of the night. ‘MC Thunder’ was announced as the final performance of the night, and I know I’ve mentioned Nico and Kevin multiple times, but I cannot stress how well they work together as frontmen. One fake encore later we got to see a relatively new setlist addition based on Electric Callboy’s latest music video, ‘Mindreader’. After Kevin flexed about how strong his tongue was, we all got the chance to make odd sounds during ‘Spaceman’. One final costume change into bowl cuts and vests and it was time to show Electric Callboy that ‘We Got the Moves’. During their final fake out encore, the crowd knew what to expect as they chanted the “do-do-do-doot” beat. The signature head bounce made its appearance from band and crowd alike throughout this last track where everyone gave it their all. During the final chorus and breakdown, I felt this feeling like it’s all about to be over, but it was so incredibly worth it. I couldn’t be sad it was over, only happy I was there.

Electric Callboy is one of the hottest bands right now and have taken the world by storm. After top-notch releases over the past two years, we could finally see for ourselves if the hype regarding their live performances was true. I am happy to say my already high expectations were blown away. They are seasoned live performers whose songs transfer from record to stage perfectly and they make you feel like you are the life of the party alongside them. I can only describe it as an immense joy, and you bet I’m going to catch Electric Callboy whenever they play in Australia again.

With sold out debut headline shows and festival dates, my hopes are high for their return. In the meantime, catch them at Good Things Festival if you can!

Written by Tyler Lubke @huntsman42156

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Photo Gallery by Justine Baddeley. Insta: @_just_bad
Please credit @WallOfSoundAU and Justine Baddeley if you repost photos.

Electric Callboy

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