‘Believe Me’ When we Share That Aburden Have Released New Music

Melbourne-based Aburden are back on our radar in a big way! Following the success of their recent single Endgame, the group, who have come back strong with a new line-up following a three-year-long hiatus, are presenting us with a follow-up single titled ‘Believe Me’. Lyrically, the track is inward-looking while dripping with self-doubt.

For further insight, the group has explained:

Believe Me is about having everything in your life exactly as you want it, then in a blink of an eye, everything changes, leading you to question whether you ever really knew who you were or what you wanted in the first place.

Are we defined by the mistakes we make or if they are simply a part of us growing?

The insightful song has some monumental singalong moments as Harry Mackley powers through the chorus. In true Aburden fashion, Mason Forster‘s spoken word lyrics have no issue captivating the listener.

Words by Adam Rice

Stream ‘Believe Mehere

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