Ov Sulfur’s ‘Stained In Rot’ is A Blasphemously Good Time!

ov sulfur

It’s been a hot minute since we heard from Ov Sulfur, who dropped their batshit crazy ‘Wide Open‘ single back in June, as a celebration of joining the folks at Century Media Records… Now the blacked deathcore unit return with a br00tal new tune titled ‘Stained in Rot‘ that’s going to melt faces and disrupt the peace amongst religious groups worldwide.

In the video, Ricky Hoover takes on the persona of a Jesus-like martyr (with the vocal performance of Satan himself) combining bellowing guttural, demonic growls and, believe it or not, cleans that actually ended up raising my eyebrows with how unexpectedly well they fit – proving this man is a triple threat vocalist who I expect we’ll be talking about for years to come, much like we do with CJ McMahon (Thy Art Is Murder), Joe Bad (Fit For An Autopsy) and Will Ramos (Lorna Shore) in terms of delivery and diversity.

On the new single, Hoover says:

“‘Stained In Rot’ is the heaviest song I’ve been a part of vocally and lyrically. It’s about bringing to light the fact that religion and government are constantly trying to become one and change the world into a theocracy. It’s about showing the horrors that have happened under that way of thinking and control. It’s about pulling out the truth and shoving it back in the faces of religionists while the ‘truth’ they be forced to believe crumbles around them.”

Of course, Ricky is nothing without his bandmates who create the intense backing instrumentals that give the song its threatening feel, showcasing just how talented this group are as a tight-knit unit. We cannot wait to see how big they get after their current US tour alongside Lorna Shore, Aborted, Ingested and Angelmaker ends.

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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