PREMIERE: Harroway Continue Heavy Momentum with New Track ‘Impulse’

We last heard from Sydney/Warrane metalcore act Harroway back in February when they dropped their heavy hitter ‘Sleep‘ upon the world before they hit the road on Patient Sixty-Seven‘s debut headline tour across Australia (our coverage here). Since then, we’ve waited with bated breath to see what they’d do next and the end result has landed in our inbox a day early, so we’re bringing it to you now!

Impulse‘ is the latest offering from the band, and it’s full of all your fav metalcore gems, – chuggy riffs, distorted vocals, screams and that closing breakdown is ufffffff! So good. combine that with the introduction of clean vocals and you’ll see why frontman Matt Banks is fast becoming a name (and voice) to watch in Australia’s heavy music scene.

On the new track, Banks reveals:

“‘Impulse” lyrically dives into the nature of compulsion/impulsiveness that is a part of the day to day struggles for people with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), a retelling of what it’s like inside the mind of someone who uses substance addiction as a crutch to deal with mental illness,” he explains, before adding “Leading up to the lyric side of writing for ‘Impulse’ I wanted to make sure that the song was personal to me but also touching on something that others go through. Gem and I are both diagnosed with BPD. Gem had the idea of talking about our struggles with addiction, which through therapy we realised was due to lack of impulse control stemming from our diagnosis”.

If you like what you’re hearing, you can catch Harroway playing it at In Peril Festival in Sydney next weekend alongside Bloom, Belle Haven, alt., The Last Martyr, Ghost Complex and more!

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