JT Cavey & Jesse Cash of ERRA: Our 8 Favourite Things About Touring Australia

As ERRA slowly wrap up their Australian tour alongside The Plot in You (revisit our Perth show coverage here) – the band have stuck around for a string of headline shows up the East Coast alongside The Gloom In The Corner and Diamond Construct, where they’ll be able to play a few more select songs from their 2021 self-titled album (our review here), for keen fans who just needed an extra taste of ERRA in their lives.

Before the UNFD signed band head off though, we spoke with vocalist JT Cavey and guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash about their whirlwind trip across our land down under and their favourite things they experienced along the way…


JT Cavey: Victoria’s the best. I love trying all the local things, beers and what you guys drink, and how you get a little loose. That’s always fun.


Jesse Cash: Our Australian crew is so sick. We’re in this unfamiliar place and we feel so safe and taken care of in a place that is so far from home. That’s been pretty sweet.


JT Cavey: To expand on that, Australians are like that friend that’s always like “Come on one more…” And then they always convince you to stay out a little later and it’s always worth it and it’s fun. Australians are like the fun friend. It’s nice, I like non-pushovers.


Jesse Cash: I like that Australians don’t give a shit about things in a way that a lot of Americans seem to care. It makes me kind of want to give a shit more. Australians are really good at taking things like more care for the planet for an example.


JT Cavey: The interesting concept is the format of how we travel, and experience shows in Australia. We’re flying between shows and the population density versus what we’re used to, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel too different from home. We don’t feel out of place here.

Jesse Cash: It feels like vacation. It’s Canada with accents, beaches and better weather.


Jesse Cash: Obviously coffee, but I think Australians are way too hard on American coffee because there’s very bad American coffee. But when it’s good, it’s really good, you know? Because when it’s really good, it’s not American coffee. It’s coffee from Peru or Ecuador. There are Americans who are willing to go there to get those beans. I know where all the good coffee spots are where I live and throughout most of the country and they’re just not shit. I’ve had bad coffee in Australia, but to be fair, it’s been at the airport.


JT Cavey: I like your meat pie. I have enjoyed the beef meat pie. I still haven’t had chicken parma yet though.


Jesse Cash: Last one’s a big, big, big, big, big one. Best for last. Got it. Ready for this? Ready for this? No. Tipping. Oh, that is so nice.

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ERRA – Australian Headline Shows
with The Gloom in the Corner and Diamond Construct

Sept 29 @ The Brightside, BrisbaneSOLD OUT

Sept 30 @ Crowbar, Sydney SOLD OUT

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