As Paradise Falls – Madness/Medicine (EP Review)

APF Madness Medicine

As Paradise Falls – Madness/Medicine 
Released: September 23, 2022

Line Up:

Ravi Sherwell // Vocals
Danny Kenneally // Guitar



We’ve had our eyes on Brisbane deathcore duo As Paradise Falls over many years, and since their inception they’ve flourished and grown to explore expansive corners of the genre, throwing in all kinds of new and experimental elements. They’re about to release their five-track EP Madness / Medicine, out September 23 via Eclipse Records.

Prior to the EP, the last we heard from the boys was during the midst of a deep COVID lockdown with single ‘Bleed For The Crown‘ where we learned more about where the band were at while chatting with guitarist Danny Kenneally. Joined by Ravi Sherwell on vocals, the two Aussie heavy music aficionados have also released albums such as Save Yourself in 2014 and Digital Ritual in 2017.

Upon announcement of the 2022 effort, As Paradise Falls led with the EP’s first two tracks ‘BATS‘ and ‘Captain Hero‘ and it was an immense start for the Queensland pair. ‘BATS‘ is the EP opener and is less about COVID than the tongue-in-cheek title may suggest and more about cancel culture. Having seen this band’s diversity over the years, this opening single could have gone any which way so it was always going to be curious. With an eerie intro, they show off upgraded production/mixing elements with sweet bass drops and a track packed with groovy riffs.

Captain Hero‘ intersects this band’s emerging modern deathcore sound with their raw and rooted style. With prolonged mixing to encase perceptions of distance and cyber-awareness, they lead with rhythm; disgustingly heavy rhythm too. Even on a three-minute song, As Paradise Falls manage to use melody and hooks to slow down every moment for you to embody every minute detail. Kenneally showcases his technical skill on guitar with some blistering riffs in sections that melt away from that deeper deathcore trance. Sherwell’s vocals are worth a special mention too, he’s really mastered his pipe grooves and stepped into responding intuitively to the melodies.

Here’s where things get interesting on the unheard section of Madness / Medicine. Extending their Digi-industrial instrumental sound, enter ‘KFBR392‘ where they delve farther into this EDM/deathcore fusion without falling in too thick as the likes of The Browning are known to do (the all-in approach). Sherwell holds his deep growls and shapes the track as it sonically shifts with the beeps and pings of the EDM ‘machine’. Two-thirds into this one, we get a scrumptious breakdown from APF who don’t isolate the crescendo like the entire heavy music scene is known for, but rather subtly intertwines it with all the many elements that are pressing through. It’s tracks like these that show the level of thought and layers that go into their music, but are yet delivered with such simplicity and seamlessness.

At the back-end of this release, we have ‘Mechanical Hannibals‘ which delivers serotonin-filled brutality. As their fabricated industrialist intro kicks in again (reminiscent to that of Fear Factory), these two musicians launch beyond the safe zone into a fast-paced deathcore/death metal marathon. With production elements really standing out again, APF have produced a rollercoaster of contemporary deathcore on this one. Oh, and that eloquent breakdown subtlety from the previous track is gone, it’s now time to go next level. On this song, Kenneally and Sherwell pour everything into the built tension for the final thirty seconds with demonic vocals that match with bouncy riffs and pounding bass, capturing your undivided attention.

Madness/Medicine finishes with ‘TR4K 1‘ – an intentionally overproduced track that rings in that signature Left to Suffer sound with borderline droney high-tuned eerie riffs alongside a chaotic vocal engine room. With an apt title, this feels like the start of the next chapter for the band as they bring all of the EP elements together and channel their current inspiration into a next-level track, textured with all the right ingredients for a modern deathcore release.

Madness/Medicine is an anxious EP that intentionally heightens you by tweaking and mixing to directionally pull you on a rollercoaster. As Paradise Falls have cemented their name in the Aussie heavy music community once again, adapting and always experimenting to stay fresh, but ensuring one thing, they sound stupidly heavy.

APF Madness Medicine

As Paradise Falls – Madness / Medicine tracklisting

2. Captain Hero
3. KFBR392
4. Mechanical Hannibals
5. TR4K 1

Rating: 8/10
Madness / Medicine EP is out on Friday. Pre-order/save here
Review by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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