Bloom – In Peril Fest ‘Without Local AA Shows, We Wouldn’t Exist’

Sydney’s All Ages scene is set to bounce back with the incoming In Peril Festival – taking place at the Red Rattler on October 15th (details here) and boasting a stack of our alternative scene’s best upcomers including Belle Haven, The Last Martyr, Wolf & Chain, alt., Harroway and more.

It’s been far too long since Sydney hosted an AA festival like this – and when you think back to your early scene days, we got the chance to see sooo many acts who have gone onto bigger and better things after hitting the small stages and playing the circuit – creating hype around their sound and music in the process.

This could be the start of something massive but it needs your support and nurturing to grow and develop from the grassroots to the endless possibilities in future – it can also be the place where your siblings, kids and friends get to dive headfirst into their first taste of the alternative/heavy scene!

To get us keen on what’s to come, we grabbed headliners Bloom for a chat about their early beginnings at local shows, the importance of All Ages events and what theme song they’d be playing when saving someone who was… In Peril.

Bloooom! Congratulations on headlining In Peril Festival – Does this mean you’re going to go extra hard for the AA crowd?

Jono: Absolutely, it’s super rare for us to play AA shows so we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be headlining In Peril Fest. We all grew up in the era of going to weekly local shows at youth centres and they were a huge part of finding our identity and shaping who we are as people, so we’re really looking forward to hopefully seeing some younger faces out there.

There’s something special about AA shows, parents with kids, siblings and friends at a heavy music gig together – what can you remember about your first heavy show and who was it? 

Jono: First heavy show was at Yoyos Youth Centre with Hand of Mercy, The Bride & Point Below Zero (GOAT). I was 13 and my legs got tired from standing for so long that I went and sat in the bathrooms for like 10 minutes to recharge my legs.

Bloom Photo Gallery by Bree Vane. Facebook: Weather Vane Visuals

Why is it important to have events like this that cater to a vast array of ages? 

Jarod: I think there’s a massive lack of access for younger fans to get into the heavy scene, it’s hard to expect someone to just wait till they are 18 to participate fully in the community, so I think these events are very important to foster growth in the scene.

Andrew: I think it’s safe to say that without us growing up with local AA shows happening all the time then Bloom wouldn’t exist. Seeing live music at that age was so exciting for me and definitely made me want to give the whole band thing a shot.

With plenty of new-age bands on the lineup, who will you be checking out from side stage? 

Jono: Super keen to watch Alt. after seeing them crush it on the Northlane tour. The Last Martyr also had a huge set at UNIFY so I’m keen to see them again!

In Peril Fun One: If you came to the rescue of someone In Peril, what would be your theme song as you save them? 

Jono: 1 Hour Of Beats [FREE] kendrick lamar, j cole, jid, kenny mason, smino type beats 2021 + delirious freestyling on a 15 hour drive. IYKYK

Having the opportunity to headline an AA festival like this, does that honour change your approach to your performance? 

Andrew: I think in general we always try to put on the best show we can, but this being our first big chance to make an impact on the younger crowd, it’s definitely important for us to showcase just how good live heavy music can be and hopefully get that next generation hooked on it the same way it hooked all of us.

What advice would you pass on to new/fresh bands in the scene who see this lineup and think, damn, I want to play that next time? 

Jono: Get out there and make a name for yourself. Play as many shows as you can to make your band more recognisable. Eventually, the hard work will pay off and you’ll develop a loyal fan base who can see all the hard work you’re putting into it. Back yourself harder than anyone else and keep pushing!

Andrew: Write a song like ‘Cold’. 

Can we expect any special tricks up your sleeve on show day? 

Jono: We’ve definitely got a few special things in the works! Can’t spill the beans on anything yet though.

Good. Keep ’em guessing!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown

In Peril Fest is just over a month away!
Final release tickets on sale now.

In Peril All Ages Festival
feat. BloomBelle Haven.
Alt, Harroway, Wolf & Chain, The Last Martyr, ATLVS, Bury Me, Ghost Complex, Revoid, Catalyst and Weightless

October 5th @ The Red Rattler, Sydney

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