Tallah Delay New Record & Fill Fans’ Cups with Single ‘Shaken (not stirred)’

Tallah 2022

Getting pumped for the new Tallah record? The Generation Of Danger is on the way, albeit delayed. Originally, the record was set for September 9 via Earache Records but due to needing more time, its been delayed to November 10.

The Nu-come-math-metalcore band with Mike Portnoy‘s son Max Portnoy on drums have launched beyond the periphery of heavy music fans with debut record Matriphagy and massive single ‘Vanilla Paste‘ with Chelsea Grin Darko (US)‘s Tom Barber, as well as AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods and G of Guerilla Warfare.

The Generation Of Danger has also been shaping up in a big way with the Pennsylvanians sharing singles ‘Telescope‘ and ‘The Impressionist‘. A third single has now surfaced in light of the album delay, and this one’s called ‘Shaken (not stirred)‘ where Tallah go full Slipknot mode. The four-piece bounce into a groovy nu-metal intro before shaking the rhythm into their organised chaotic homeostasis. Vocalist Justin Bonitz leans into a broader vocal range on this one, holding even the gruffer notes for longer and adding even newer elements.

Portnoy comments on the single:

“Shaken is a song built on hooks. We spent a ton of time perfecting the chorus, bringing it to a place we felt was super memorable while still retaining the darkness and heaviness that the rest of the record has. It made for what I believe is the best hook we’ve written so far. And the hook from the main guitar riff is just as strong. It’s a top tier track in my opinion.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Tallah Shaken Not Stirred

Tallah – The Generation Of Danger tracklisting

1. mud_castle
2. The Hard Reset
3. Stomping Grounds
4. The Impressionist
5. Shaken (not stirred)
6. For The Recognition
7. Of Nothing
8. Dicker’s Done
9. Telescope
10. Wendrid
11. Headfirst
12. Thistle
13. How Long

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