Fit For An Autopsy Covers Lamb of God’s ‘Walk With Me in Hell’

We’ve all been on team Joe Bad lately after he crushed it covering for vocalist Randy Blythe at a Lamb of God show when the front-man was too ill to perform. The Fit For An Autopsy vocalist crushed the gig and truly impressed the long-time metalers. In an interview during their recent Oh What The Future Holds Australian headline tour (gig review here), Bad shares how amazing the experience was and how he’d love to do a collab with Lamb of God one day.

So, there’s no collab yet, but there is the next best thing. Fit For An Autopsy have gone ahead and covered Lamb of God‘s seminal track ‘Walk With Me in Hell‘ while splashing their post-deathcore influence all over it.

With similar instrumental tuning, FFAA successfully mirror the original style with Bad’s vocal style standing out the most. What the contemporary heavyweights manage to achieve is accentuating the crescendos into fully-fledged breakdowns, while seamlessly returning to the track’s steady rhythm. You can tell the frontman had fun with this one and is a big Lamb of God fan.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Walk With Me in Hell‘ (Cover) here

Fit For An Autopsy Walk With Me in Hell

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