Varials Recommence the Carnage with ‘.50’ & Announces Scars For You To Remember Record

Varials 2022

Need some more Varials in your life? Earlier this year the heavy hardcore punk act dropped hellish single ‘The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1‘. The five-piece are back with more today with new tune ‘.50‘. The new Varials era comes off their 2019 LP In Darkness.

.50‘ channels the emergence of the recent wave of that hardcore/deathcore fusion we’re hearing more and more with bands like SPITE; a brutal mix. The Pennsylvanian group burst into chaos with shuddering bass and groovy blast-beats that’ll leave you sucking out of a straw.

On the single, vocalist Mitchell Rogers comments:

“‘.50’ is the perfect middle ground of where Varials has been, but where we’re going from a heavy aspect. It’s balls-to-the-wall chaos, but also controlled in a way I don’t think we’ve achieved before.”

Update: Varials have announced new record Scars For You To Remember out October 14 via Fearless Records. The album will feature special guests Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan TX, Jay Webster of Unity TX, Andrew Hileman of I Am and Darius Tehrani of SPITE.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘.50‘ here

Pre-Save Scars For You To Remember here

Varials Scars For You To Remember

VarialsScars For You To Remember tracklisting

1. A Body Wrapped In Plastic : Prologue
2. The Cycle of Violence : Chapter 1
3. Ritual Division (HAÜS)
4. Scars For You To Remember
5. Day 3 : Revenge feat. Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan TX, Jay Webster of Unity TX & Andrew Hileman of I Am)
6. Phantom Pain : Chapter 2
7. Circles
8. Phantom Power feat. Darius Tehrani of SPITE
9. The Gold Room : Chapter 3
10. .50
11. You Were Never Safe Here : Chapter 4
12. Halo Of The Sun

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