Varials Unleashes Hell With ‘The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1’

Varials 2022

Don’t have enough angry music in your rotation? You’ve come to the right place. Varials are a hardcore punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and dropped fierce release, In Darkness back in 2019. Entering the first half of the year, Varials has unleashed absolute hell with new single ‘The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1‘.

The two-minute song starts off ominously and then collapses into bouncy mayhem fuelled by an Alpha Wolf influence. With vocals mixed to produce a beastly sound and machine gun blast beats, this single will blow your freakin’ mind.

On ‘The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1‘, Varials comments:

“The song is about taking a life just for the lust of revenge. No other reason. It’s a reflection from the perspective of a loved one of the deceased who survived, and their own lust for revenge that creates a cycle of violence. It escalates from a description of their emotions after their loved one was taken, to the feelings they have the moment the chance to enact their revenge is given.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Varials – ‘The Cycle Of Violence: Chapter 1here

Varials The Cycle of Violence Chapter 1 review

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