Ocean Shores Take You on a Journey with ‘Go One More’

It has been a couple of years since Queensland hardcore band Ocean Shores released their debut EP One Foot in the Grave in 2020, showcasing a carefully interpreted and modernised throwback to heavy bands of the 2000s. Following their introduction into the scene, the five-piece have quickly become ones to watch and now they’ve returned with new single ‘Go One More’, a motivating and catchy track that highlights a refinement of their style and encourages the listener to never back down from adversity. Let us dive into the next addition to my gym playlist!

From start to finish this new single is a journey that tells the tale of a fight. The single kicks off with blistering fast beats and the signature riff from the word “go!” I can clearly visualize huge crowds singing this in unison back at the band as it’s got the potential to be an instant crowd pleaser. The skies of the song clear before a defiant continuation of the chant sends us into a fun breakdown. This breakdown is followed by Parkway Drive like vocalisations as the minute-long finale comes together. We are screamed at to “rise against the odds”, and guitars become an inspiring standout. It feels as if you have just reached the turning point in a battle, and you have a sense that victory is near before the song returns you to a heavy closer.

On the song, the band say:

“Go One More is aimed at hard bodied training specific. You can only improve in yourself mentally & physically if you go that one more! Hooah!”

After being taken on a journey by Ocean Shores, I am excited about their future, and I am keen to see more of what they can bring to the scene. I am also looking forward to checking out the accompanying music video for this track on Wednesday, August 17th! 

Written by Tyler Lubke @Huntsman42156

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