Ocean Shores – One Foot in the Grave (EP Review)

Ocean Shores - One Foot in the Grave

Ocean ShoresOne Foot in the Grave EP
Release date: 20 November 2020


Elijah Sapolu // Vocals
Josh Sellin // Lead Guitar
Patrick Sviecka // Guitar
Dave Thompson // Drums
Jack Mathews // Bass



Looking for some killer new tunes? Look no further than the next generation of Parkway Drive. Self-acclaimed hardcore band Ocean Shores from North Coast, Queensland have burst on the scene with their EP One Foot in the Grave. The EP boasts a hefty six tracks, all pretty meaty and filled with some a bit of a noughties metalcore buzz. You know the drill, let’s take a look at what the boys have got.

Eerie intro ‘Sacred Earth’ entices you with a mix of oceanic calm, building of sirens, and an electro-filled pulse that ceases to a soundbite of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic “Hasta la vista, baby”. Then the band finally kicks in. Despite being an immensely Parkway influenced EP, this opening track has incredibly similar guitar squeals to that of a The Blackening Machine Head era – a major compliment mind you. Not a lot of bands go for this sound, and it’s really powerful.

Lost Memories’ brings you an immediate ‘Boneyards’ type-feel instrumentally, with the guitars tuned up and going berserk. Although the all-so-familiar instrumental effort is present, it’s an unusual and refreshing match to the vocal effort, which is a lot gruffer than what often goes with the instrumental rhythm – giving the band a unique flavour.  

As we near the mid-way point of the EP, the Horizons/KWAS influences are at peak as Ocean Shores ebb and flow in and out of crescendos with ‘Severed’. It’s really groovy, nostalgic and fills that gaping hole of what Parkway doesn’t give us anymore, with their stadium-driven direction. The track even gives the spoken-word sections like Winston McCall is known for. I’m enjoying what the Byron heroes have influenced here.

Starting off with a bit of a slower mood is ‘Believe in nothing’, which transitions slowly from a dreamy instrumental to a chaotic I Killed The Prom Queen-esque throw-down that’ll get you moving. The band really come together in this track and demonstrate strong musicianship as the song really feels powerfully executed, all instruments combined. The track’s tight and would make an excellent live performance. 

As we near the back-end of the EP, Ocean Shores deliver you ‘Suffering’ which will have you wanting to kill something with a smile. In all seriousness, the perpetual references to old school Parkway Drive are genuinely endearing and present the art of influence and interpretation. The band bring in their own unique flavours as they explore combinations and timings in tracks like this, and it leaves you wanting a full length album. 

All My Life’ definitely deserves a standalone mention. It’s simply heavy as f*ck. To carry on with the old school Aussie metalcore nostalgia, this one brings me back to some Confession in the way that Michael Crafter delivers unclean vocals. The breakdowns in this closing song are tight and best appreciated loud. The pounding drums are particularly prominent and the breakdowns prolonged to give you that everlasting feeling of euphoria; an absolutely outstanding finish for One Foot in the Grave. 

Ocean Shores - One Foot in the Grave

Ocean Shores One Foot in the Grave EP track-listing:

1. Sacred earth
Lost memories
3. Severed
4. Believe in nothing
5. Suffering
6. All my life

Rating: 6.5/10
Grab a copy of One Foot in the Grave EP here
Review by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

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