The Hu – ‘Finding Great Elevation in the Mongolian Mountaintops’

The Hu. Photo: Enkhbat Nyamkhishig

Hailing from Mongolia and bringing their style of “hunnu rock” in tow, four-piece The Hu have been busy working on their upcoming sophomore album Rumble of Thunder which is set for release on September 2nd via Better Noise Music, and fans down under are being treated to a few songs from the record, along with some fan favourites on their current trek around Australia.

The band sat down with Wall of Sound to discuss how they were feeling about their Australian shows, the songwriting process of their upcoming release, and some of the specific scenery that inspired the record.

It’s super exciting that you’re on our shores! How’re you feeling about the shows? 

We have a new song list for our tour! We just can’t wait to come back to Australia because the last time we were there, it was very limited experience, and we didn’t have a chance to explore a lot. So this time around, we’re really hoping to come across a lot of our fans….

So your new album Rumble of Thunder comes out very soon. How’re you feeling about the record’s release?

We have worked enormously as artists, and also our producer Dashka has worked on the second album for a long period of time. We’re anticipating great things from our second album, and we’ve also worked a lot on each of the songs. We’re excited for fans to listen to it.

In terms of the songwriting process – I know you went back to your homeland of Mongolia – what was it like? 

After the pandemic hit, we were in Australia for a month-and-a-half, and then we went back home. That was when recording started for the second album. Obviously because of the COVID lockdown, we had to travel in groups. We had to have a certain pass from the City Council to travel to our studio… 

But we had a lot of concentrated time to work on our album and then its recording. Because of that, every member of the band tried various types of approaches to each of the songs. We had the luxury of picking and choosing the best one from that. The second album shows the best of our skills… You can hear that on the record and anticipate a great quality of music.

Were you inspired by nature in the homeland or other imagery?

Our second album was inspired by our history, from nature, and I was told from producer Dashka that the everyday scenery in the Mongolian countryside actually carried out in our traditional instruments, but also mixed with modern rock instruments. 

We also, in the lyrics, try to describe the nature of Men and his strength, and also the history of the Mongols, about preserving nature. The respect to their elders, love of each other, peace on earth, so on and so forth. It’s a very diverse album, and our fans will get different perspectives about of what the hunnu rock genre really is.

In Mongolia geographically, what places particularly inspired you? 

Khovd Province has many mountaintops and a great elevation. So there is that inspiration to really play the instruments. It’s also such a great natural studio as well, because of all the rock formations. When you’re playing, it all just echoes back to you. So you can absolutely hear everything you’re playing as well, and it’s a great place to be.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the fans? 

In our next journey back to Australia, we hope to see all of our fans this time. We are bringing our hunno rock genre and our music with us, and it will be like delicious food to your ears. We’re happy to be back, and can’t wait to meet all of you.

Interview by Genevieve Gao

Rumble of Thunder is out September 2 via Better Noise Music.

The Hu Rumble of Thunder

The Hu – Rumble of Thunder tracklisting

1. This is Mongol
2. YUT Hövende
3. Triangle
4. Teach Me
5. Upright Destined Mongol
6. Sell The World
7. Black Thunder
8. Mother Nature
9. Bii Biyelgee
10. Segee
11. Shihi Hutu
12. TATAR Warrior

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