Sounds You Need In Your Ears: Loveless

Sounds You Need In Your Ears
Episode 12: Loveless


Julian Comeau // Vocals
Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail // Instrumentals



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About a year ago, my Spotify suggested a song to me called ‘Somebody Else‘, by a band I’d never heard of at all — but it featured Kellin Quinn, so I gave it a listen and when I tell you that this song was on repeat for days to come, it really was. I couldn’t get enough of it. 

Ever since then I’ve kind of kept an eye on the band, seeing little reels pop up on Instagram of their covers of pop, top 40 songs, and in that time I have completely fallen in love with their music. The covers that are released are absolutely impeccable and polished, putting a pop punk twist on pop music, making it their own in such a flawless manner. 

I genuinely feel that the band is going to blow up and become something massive, and I have this gut feeling that it’s going to be very soon, which means you’re going to see and hear them everywhere. I had the same gut feeling with another artist a few years back and was spot on the money — that artist is Yungblud. I have the exact same feeling here with Loveless. Now that concerts are very much coming back thick and fast, I’m expecting them to open up for many bigger bands in the pop punk scene. 

This duo only started in 2019 and already have a quarter of a million people following them on social media, and they are still completely unsigned and doing everything themselves. Apparently, they’re still looking for the right fit and will only sign a contract if they get to do whatever they want creatively, which is a massively bold and badass move that I have incredible respect for. Clearly the boys already know their strength and their worth. I can’t say I disagree either — why would you let yourself be creatively crushed when you know you can achieve so much more. 

Loveless remind me of Sleeping With Sirens with a similar style in music, as well as similar vocal tones, but they’re so very different in their own unique way, which is what I find to be so beautiful and special. 

Julian Comeau is a theatre kid at heart so to say that when he goes for it and belts out a note after that big build-up in any track, it’s really there in a way that I feel like differs from other vocalists. The work that Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail does is not unnoticed either — being mostly the sole instrumentalist (as well as a composer for some added talent) it is incredible to see how all their music comes together, the work that would have gone into layering each instrument to work with the vocals. I feel this is where the added talents of being a composer would shine through the most, being able to work every instrument and piece it together like a puzzle to make something so beautiful. 

Honestly, I don’t understand how the duo hasn’t had more people promoting them and shining a spotlight on them. I think they deserve every bit of it and then some. To be achieving as much as they are in such a short period of time will never cease to blow my mind.

When their cover of the pop song by Ellie Duhey — ‘Middle Of The Night‘ was released, it reached 157,013 streams in merely 12 hours. Honestly, that is an absolute achievement in itself, let alone from a band that is doing everything on their own. When I played this particular cover to a friend, she said that she thought it was one of their original songs, which shows that they are so capable of really twisting a song from what we know it as in the pop charts and making their mark on it. 

At this current stage, most of the Loveless music that I came across were covers however, they do have a few original releases of their own such as Loveless I which came out last year and is available now for you to gift your ears with hearing. The lads have also just collaborated with Perth metalcore rising stars Patient Sixty-Seven on ‘Colours‘ which is on the band’s debut full-length, Wishful Thinking.

As I said previously, I have had this gut feeling once before and I was bang on, and I have that same feeling again, so I ask you all to just trust me on this — give Loveless a listen and let me know what you think. A quote from their website says “Loveless are vying to become your new favourite band” and to be honest, they’re definitely winning me over to the side of being one of my new favourite artists. 

Words by Heather McNab

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