Ocean Sleeper Push Their Sound into New Depths of Heaviness with ‘Your Love I’ll Never Need’

Following the release of their absolute slappin’ track Forever Sinking last year, Ocean Sleeper are back with a new offering and it is so damn heavy proving how volatile these lads from Gippsland can really be! Lyrically, the song covers the topic of greed and how it plagues this world in different ways.

Vocalist Karl Spiessl expands on this:

“Lyrically, I wanted to articulate the way that greed is like a disease. That everyone you idolize or look up to isn’t what they portray, everyone you love will let you down. Watching people try to put on the persona as something non authentic in the desire to be seen as what they want but not what they are. Everyone dies and in that moment of being stripped to their core you can see the so-called glory of someone who hates the real themselves so much.” – ‘Bled out for all to see, self loathing glory’

This is something we can all relate to in one way or another. This powerful message is strongly reinforced by the low tuned, beefy guitars and fast tempo which sees this band move away from their melodic roots and towards a more technical progression. Clean vocalist Ionei Heckenberg still manages to include one of his distinguishable trademark hooks. This song seems like the next step towards the newest era of the band and you can bet your bottom dollar that we are already counting down the days until we hear word of the their next announcement – hopefully more music (because more Ocean Sleeper is never a bad thing). Learn the lyrics before the music video drops on July 5th!

Words by Adam Rice

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