Ocean Sleeper Drop Infectiously Heavy Tune ‘Forever Sinking’

It has been a whole two years since the Gippsland based sad boys blessed us with their ARIA charting debut album Don’t Leave Me This Way (our review here) and as always, we are bloody excited to be hearing what Ocean Sleeper has to offer us next. ‘Forever Sinking‘ was written in early 2020 as the band turned towards the cathartic effects of songwriting after experiencing the near loss of a close friend while enduring COVID lockdowns and border closures.

As vocalist Karl Spiessl explains:

“These events of nearly losing a friend was so difficult for not just our band but our friends and family. Having Covid lockdowns happening shortly after made it even harder being locked away from our friends in a time when we needed each other’s support more than ever.”

A lot of us will be able to relate to that factor, even now as we’re still enduring the drain of this pandemic. Ocean Sleeper used their time to focus on the next phase of the band and the end results are finally here to be seen and heard as guitarist/vocalist Ionei Heckenberg revealed:

“We faced logistical challenges which forced us to look inward for answers, the result was having time to properly flesh out what we were saying and how we were saying it”

 ‘Forever Sinking‘ is one of the heaviest offerings we have heard from the band yet… But don’t worry, it still has plenty of those contagious hooks from singer/guitarist Ionei Heckenberg. This song seems like the first step for the next era of the band and you can bet your bottom dollar that we are already counting down the days until we hear word of the their next announcement – hopefully more music (because more Ocean Sleeper is never a bad thing).

Words by Adam Rice

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