Lunchtime Give a Taste of Their Eclectic Style in New Video ‘Demented Glue’

Were you asleep when we premiered Lunchtime’s latest single back in April? Well, we’re going to make sure you don’t this time. The Brisbane punk rock outfit have unveiled an incredibly fun visual to go alongside their edgy single ‘Demented Glue‘.

The song is a maturing new sound for the young band, who take their influences from a vast array of alt/rock/emo, and this is displayed through the band’s cuts from their small beginnings in the local scene. It makes for a groovy dynamic that’s going to see Lunchtime build their cred, following in the footsteps of WAAX, Violent Soho and Beddy Rays down the line.

Back the underdogs and follow this band’s journey as they rise in the local (and hopefully) national scene with high intentions and a passion for all things rock!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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Listen to ‘Demented Gluehere

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