PREMIERE: Brissie Punk Hybrids Lunchtime Showcase Raw Progression with ‘Demented Glue’

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As the years go by, we are constantly on the lookout waiting for the next big thing in Australian alternative music to emerge, turn heads and show us what the next generation of bands/musicians sound like…

One act we’ve been keeping our eyes on is Brisbane-based punk/rock hybrid Lunchtime who have been paving their own way in the local scene – dropping song after song (without a key signature sound) and having their name appear on any local gig they can latch onto. That fire in their bellies approach has scored them praise in the scene and today we are absolutely stoked to premiere their brand new single ‘Demented Glue‘ ahead of tomorrow’s official release!

Speaking of that hybrid sound I mentioned earlier, this new single combines roaring guitars, punchy bass, punky dual vocal duties from sisters Constance and Eden Grafos, and an overall raw/garage band sound that proves this band cannot (and will not) be pigeonholed into a specific genre this early in the game. Their progression is astounding and will no doubt set them up for bigger and better things as they continue to grow – much like fellow Bris-Vegas locals WAAX and Violent Soho.

We sat down with the band to pick apart their new release, what they’ve been up to since we first came across them in 2017, their hilarious live show mascot and what the future holds for the now five-piece…

Lunchtime – It’s been a hot minute since we last reviewed your Feedback EP – Before we get into your new track (and forthcoming EP) give us a rundown of what the band’s been up to since then?

We’ve basically been playing shows non-stop since the harsher covid restrictions eased in QLD. We went on an East Coast tour last year to promote our single ‘All In a Rowwhich was our first release to get airplay in the UK and US. It also hit number #1 on Brisbane radio station 4ZZZ the week of its release.

Since the Feedback EP we have had 3 lineup changes and now have five members. Our new additions are Jordan Brennan and Carwyn Gregory on guitars and Gordon Morris on drums. We spent most of 2021 in two separate studios recording this new EP (titled They’re Just Being Friendly). Our sound is changing a lot as we evolve (especially since we have three guitarists in the band now), but we’re still staying true to our punk roots by keeping elements of our sound the same. 

We also got matching Lunchtime tattoos to celebrate finishing this EP (only one of us got it as a tramp stamp). Also, we’ve got a band mascot – a blow up doll named Marvin who we take onstage and let the audience play with.

Amazing! So stacks has been happening behind the scenes – love that for you. Now you’re back with the grungy, alt-rock hit ‘Demented Glue’ – a mature sound compared to the earlier material – what’s this one all about?

‘Demented Glue’ was actually written around the same time that we released our first EP. Constance was 16/17 when she wrote it and basically, the song is about being stuck in life and wanting to move on to better things, but not having the means to improve the situation. It’s very raw and angry which is a nod to our original sound. Our upcoming EP has a few of our older songs as well as some newer ones that fans have been asking us to record for a long time.

How has the band grown since we first met you in 2017 to now?

We’ve actually changed a lot. The only two founding members left are Constance and Eden Grafos. Starting the band as 16-year-olds and spending the last 6 years gigging and being in the industry means we’ve learnt a lot and also copped a lot of shit for being young girls playing punk. I think we speak for the music scene as a whole when we say it’s tough being an artist, but now seeing our hard work paying off and having kids come up and tell us that we are their role models is actually really amazing.

As musicians, we’ve grown a lot as well and are finding that we love experimenting with different genres and implementing new sounds/techniques into our music.

You’re coming up in Brisbane’s alt-rock scene in a very similar fashion to WAAX – with fierce vocals and a raw, garage band sound that like a fine wine is getting better with age – What makes Lunchtime stand out against the pack of upcomers you’re playing alongside?

The thing that makes Lunchtime stand apart from everyone else in the scene is that our sound doesn’t really have a single genre (the fact we have 3 guitarists and are an alt band also kinda makes us the indie Iron Maiden). We started off garage punk with the Feedback EP and single ‘Show n Tell‘, but have gone on to experiment with indie rock ‘Deception Bay‘, grunge ‘All in a Row’ and then a mix of the two with ‘Science of Sorrow’ and our latest single ‘Wait’.

Our upcoming EP is so exciting because we bounce from hardcore punk to soft rock. The other thing that makes us stand out is our energy during our live shows and also the fact that no one else in the scene plays with a blow up doll onstage.

Lunchtime and Marvin! 📸@darcygossmedia

Diversity early on is great because it keeps us all guessing what you’ll do next! Who would you say are some of your biggest influences musically though?

Our biggest influences musically would be Blink 182, Polaris, Tonight Alive, Violent Soho, Soundgarden, Slowly Slowly, Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Incubus, & Asking Alexandria.

Eclectic assortment right there! Your new EP They’re Just Being Friendly is coming out in May – would you say ‘Demented Glue’ + your last single ‘All In A Row’ make up the signature sound for that release?

Lunchtime isn’t dictated entirely by sound but more so by the emotions we put into the music. None of us are particularly bound by genres per se, it’s the energy that we put into our music, therefore any upcoming Lunchtime song is our sound because of new experiences amongst life, whether it be influences or different interactions with people or whatever, it all guides our passion for music.

What’s the most important mantra within the band right now?

Our goal for 2022 is to release another EP by the end of this year, tour to NSW (we’ve only ever played a Byron show) and VIC, and then get on a festival lineup/tour overseas. (And also get signed by UNFD or any label that believes in our band).

Time for a fun one – on the back of your band name – what do you think were the top tier Lunchtime snacks you wanted when opening your lunchbox back in school?

We couldn’t settle the flavour dispute but it’s either Chicken Crimpy or BBQ Shapes, Tiny Teddies, and home brand fruit chews from Woolies.

Love it! Nothing but the absolute best with the future gang!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Lunchtime is Constance Grafos (vocals/guitar), Eden Grafos (vocals/bass/keys), Jordan Brennan
& Carwyn Gregory (guitars) and Gordon Morris (drums).

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Demented Glue‘ is out tomorrow – pre-save/stream here

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