True Crime Music Duo SKYND Cover Consensual Cannibalistic Murderer ‘Armin Meiwes’

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To say some of us at WoS HQ are obsessed with True Crime Music duo SKYND would be a massive understatement…

The act caught our attention in 2019 when they burst onto the scene with their special take on blending true crime stories with creepy, yet alluring synth instrumentals and captivating storytelling. Through songs such as ‘Columbine‘, ‘Michelle Carter‘ and most recent single ‘Chris Watts‘, we learn specific details about each real-life case through SKYND‘s unique delivery (see their entire case file list here), and today, they’re back with yet another offering that’s going to send a shiver up your spine!

Armin Meiwes‘ tells the story of the German computer technician who shocked the world way back in 2001 when it was revealed he had killed and eaten Bernd Brandes, a voluntary victim he had found via the Internet. His motive was purely for sexual gratification, but the thing that stumped everyone was, that the cannibalistic act was completely consensual. “This is just a really bizarre story,” SKYND shares:

“The arrangement was an entirely consensual cannibalistic murder. It sounds insane on the surface, but it’s also really sad story about being lonely and engaging in an internal fight of fantasy versus reality. Meiwes didn’t have his inner animal tamed. He wanted to reach another level of climax, because fantasies that he had held since he was a little boy weren’t enough for him anymore. His urge to own someone and to fully merge with somebody trumped his common sense… When I investigated the case, I watched an interview with him. Meiwes didn’t seem like the typical beast you’d imagine when you think of a ‘cannibal.’ But then again, you might ask yourself, ‘What does a cannibal even look like?’ It’s a story that hasn’t left me for years and I feel like I have finally translated it into music.”

If you’ve got the stomach for it, give the video a spin below – but be warned, you’ll be creeped out for hours afterwards, especially when you listen to the intricate details of the lyrical content…

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown (@brownypaul)

Stream ‘Armin Meiweshere

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