Outright Unleash the Fast and Furious ‘Burn’

Melbourne hardcore punk outfit Outright have revealed the second single from their forthcoming album, Keep You Warm (out July 15 through Reason and Rage Records). ‘Burn‘ is set to continue the band’s domination after hitting us with the furious belter ‘The Hammer‘ last month.

This time, vocalist Jelena Goluza highlights her willingness not to succumb to burnout in an attempt to hold her ground and self-sacrifice. It’s short and fast-paced, and manages to deliver a crushing performance of hardcore punk that stands as a testament to Outright’s undeniable raw talent. Goluza shares:

“‘Burn’ is an intense expression of the burnout that can happen when we don’t set boundaries or hold compassion for ourselves. When we normalise self-sacrifice we teach people that we don’t matter and that can be weaponised against us – but nothing gets done when you have nothing left.

It’s dedicated to anyone else who feels this in their professional and personal lives, activism or everyday pressures. I won’t set myself on fire, just to keep you warm.”

Anyone who’s ever suffered through burnout in their working life will absolutely relate to this ripping new single. Moving forwards, let’s all follow Outright’s morals and normalise boundaries in every aspect of our lives.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Pre-order Keep You Warm here

Outright – Keep You Warm tracklisting:

1. Truth Teller
2. The Hammer
3. Linchpin
4. Tied Through Time
5. Fortify
6. Breathless
7. The Call
8. Burn
9. Tyrants & Vultures
10. Silent Spring

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