Banks Arcade Reveal Short & Punchy Fusions with ‘Chosen’

Melbourne-based Banks Arcade returned this year with Unify Gathering, a support slot on Windwaker’s Beautiful tour and now, the release of their punchy new track ‘Chosen’. While it does continue to grow the band’s style into an edgy blend of metalcore, grunge and electronic beats, the song serves more so as a feeling of empowerment. A song of defiance, as if you’re about to be taken down in a fight.

As a former MMA competitor, vocalist Joshua O’Donnell intended to capture the moments a fighter visualises seconds before they step into the ring. The singer explains:

“As someone who has competed in MMA, I wanted to capture the feeling you get as you are walking out to fight someone in a cage. The mixture of fear, “holy F*** this is so cool”, and the calm resolve in the face of adversity.

I live for these moments. When everything you have anticipated and visualised thousands of times is actually happening and you are completely present in a reality that feels exactly like a movie. There can be chaos all around you, but when your breath slows and you find peace amidst it and think ‘F*** the world I’ve got this’ Nothing beats that.”

Banks Arcade have thus far provided insane potential with their thumping tunes, like ‘Don’t Start’ and ‘Smile’. The band’s latest single continues to push into our minds a fresh perspective of heavy music in Australia that the world is vying for. From here, the musical canvas is widespread for these Kiwi transplants and I’m intrigued to hear what else they’ve got hiding up their sleeves.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to ‘Chosen’ here

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