Starve Drop Two-Track EP Ahead of Touring Schedule

Almost a year after dropping their highly infectious Nausea EP (our review here), Melbourne heavy hitters Starve have come out of nowhere and released a new song for us to bang our heads to…

The Body Knows‘ and ‘Parables‘ are both gripping metal/deathcore at it’s finest with frontman Jordan Dunbar‘s bellowing gutturals taking centre stage alongside the band’s moody riffs, gripping highs and depressing low moments. The boys are on fire in these songs and with what they have planned for 2022 (which Jordan candidly teased us about at Knight And Day Festival) – it’s no surprise they’ve come back locked and loaded.

On the EP, Dunbar shares:

“It’s a fun direction to go in as a follow up to Nausea. A bit groovier and a bit more depth than what we have done in the past but we’re super proud of it and reckon it’ll come across well live. It was a shit load of fun to make and we’re all very proud of it!”

Make sure you catch the lads at UNIFY this weekend or you fucked up royally…

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