Fun Fact: We ALMOST Got A Spiritbox Tour in April

spiritbox australia tour

Sometimes when it’s not being used for evil, the internet can be a very informative place to connect with our favourite musicians, bands and heroes… It’s also great for conversation starters as we found out with out latest post!

Yesterday we hit you up across our socials about the international bands that need to make an appearance in Australia following the reopening of our borders for the first time since 2020, and not only have the Foo Fighters graced us with their presence already (and if you missed it, they’ll be back later in the year) but the Under The Southern Stars Tour with Cheap Trick, Bush and Stone Temple Pilots kicks off this Friday.

Across all of our socials, one band’s name appeared in every comment section – proving that we want them down here as soon as physically possible… and that band was Spiritbox! Low and behold, the band joined in the fun and revealed that they had been trying to plan a tour for April but sadly, restrictions got in the way (as they have been doing) and the band couldn’t make it a reality…

But never fear, they’re hell bent on heading down and one man is mastering a plan behind the scenes as we speak – Mr Chris O’Brien aka General Manager for Destroy All Lines, who chimed in with a haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door bit of information that’s getting us giddy about the rest of the year!

So Spiritbox WILL make their way to Australia in some way shape or form and you know it’s going to be one hell of a tour. The next question is… who should be on that tour as national and local support? Tell us on our socials and who knows what you’ll manifest in the process…

We will let you know the second a Spiritbox Tour has officially been announced, so join our community across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram legends xoxo

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