Corpsegrinder Unleashes Hell with ‘On Wings of Carnage’

If you’ve been hiding in the corner, gently pissing your pants ever since George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher released his debut single ‘Acid Vatlate last year, then it’s probably best you stay there mate, because the man sporting the hugest neck in metal has just gone and released a second single ‘On Wings of Carnage’, off his highly anticipated debut solo album titled Corpsegrinder, out February 25th via Jamey Jasta’s new label, Perseverance Music Group.

She’s a mid tempo thumper that is still the sort of heavy that makes ears bleed for fun and paves the way for what is shaping up to be a bloody brutal album. It’s as if the path of destruction laid down in the wake of last year’s monstrous Cannibal Corpse album, Violence Unimagined wasn’t quite enough for this legendary frontman. Vinyl presales are already sold out but more are promised down the line. In the meantime, signed CD’s and other merch can be found at and

While you’re waiting for the album, suss out the lyrical video for ‘On Wings of Carnage’ if you’ve got the sand. Just a heads up. The guys name is Corpsegrinder, so it’s not going to be a subtle adventure through the meadows of pleasant thought. Hook in.

Words by Duane James @duanejames666

Corpsegrinder – Corpsegrinder tracklisting:

1. Acid Vat (feat. Erik Rutan)
2. Bottom Dweller
3. On Wings of Carnage
4. All Souls Get Torn
5. Death Is the Only Key
6. Crimson Proof
7. Devourer of Souls
8. Defined by Your Demise
9. Master of the Longest Night
10. Vaguely Human

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