Ocean Grove Turn Over A New ‘Silver Lining’ + Announce New Album

After releasing the summery nu-metal bop ‘CALI SUN’ towards the end of last year, Ocean Grove are now super excited to show us all their brand new single ‘Silver Lining’, taken from their forthcoming third album, Up in the Air Forever (out April 22 via UNFD).

This time band are uprooting everything we’ve ever known about them, and are now shining a light on their punk, more grungey influences with this uplifting anthem. During Flip Phone Fantasy, we learnt just how inquisitive and insightful they can be through the lyrics and this time they’re keen to dig even deeper, while at the same time giving us a little more positivity and showing us the silver linings in life:

“We want nothing but to empower the listener with a positive mental attitude (PMA), especially in their darkest hours when they may feel completely lost in themselves or in the loss of a loved one. Life isn’t meant to be easy and there is always a reason to keep fighting for the beauty in the pain, even when the way out of the darkness seems impossible. Where there is hope, there is power if we choose to tap into this PMA mentality. Death is a tool to remind us of the importance of every moment we are alive. Time is scarce, use it wisely and let ‘SILVER LINING’ be an anthem for the loving lost, that they are eternal and will be remembered with fierce optimism. There are great lessons to be learnt from solitude and it doesn’t have to last a lifetime. All will be okay in the temporary separation, and until the moment we meet our loved ones once again, we will fight every day on this planet to uphold their legacy and wisdom in the best way we know how.”

Despite the band’s 180-turn in musical styles, their new track really takes us down memory lane, throwing back to 2000s rock legends Silverchair and Ocean Grove are set to deliver more alternative/rock gems when their new album, Up in the Air Forever drops later this year. If ‘Silver Lining’ is anything to go by, we can expect plenty more of that PMA and good vibrations ahead. Anyone else perplexed about those collaborations with the Dune Rats and Lil Aaron though? Now that’s something I never thought I’d see…

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Pre-order Up in the Air Forever here

Ocean Grove – Up in the Air Forever tracklisting:

6. HMU (ft. Lil Aaron)
7. BORED (ft. Dune Rats)

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