Dust Off Your Roller Skates For Ocean Grove’s ‘Cali Sun’

Get out your roller skates ’cause Ocean Grove are entering Melbourne Spring with a brand new track which happens to coincide with the recent freedoms experienced as the almighty lockdown comes to end. The boys have been busy cookin’ up new tunes and are getting geared up for Unify Gathering 2022, just ask boss-man Browny who had a chat to them on UNFD‘s twitch stream as the lineup got announced. 

Ocean Grove have released new jam titled ‘Cali Sun’, the band’s follow-up to last year’s nu-metal Flip Phone Fantasy LP, and like many bands, they haven’t got to tour it as much as they would’ve hoped, but it looks like the tides are changing, with touring starting to pick up again momentarily. The band seems to have had a busy year with new music on the horizon, but let’s also not forget their awesome Triple J Like A Version cover of ‘UFO‘ earlier this year too.

On ‘Cali Sun‘, the band describe it as:

“Paradisiacal and enticing, ‘CALI SUN’ represents the ultimate marketplace for the senses whether they lust for fame, money or success. Not your stereotypical heartbreak story, ‘CALI SUN’ is a nod to the land and opulence of California herself.

As the song reveals, human dependence on anything feel-good in excess never ultimately rewards or fulfils the user, rather leaving them on a perpetual chase that can only be checked through a journey of self-realisation. Left to its own devices, we consider this dependence the work of the enemy mind, an insidious yet inherent part of us all. Without maintaining PMA, our vulnerability to chasing a high will always tempt and taunt us.”

Alright, let’s get stuck into their latest track ‘Cali Sun’. Packed with alt-rock vibes, and slightly stripped back of the nu-metal emergence we’ve recently seen, Ocean Grove deliver a radio-friendly jam that flaunts more of an Aussie rock type energy. The UNFD band are showing heaps of promise for what could be yet to come in 2022… but for now go get those skates on and pump those guns at muscle beach with ‘Cali Sun’.   

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)  

Stream ‘Cali Sun’ here

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