UNFD 10 Year Showcase – Gig Review & Photo Gallery Dec 1st @ Corner Hotel, Melb VIC

UNFD 10 Year Showcase
December 1st, 2021
The Corner Hotel, Melb VIC
Feat. Thornhill, Drown This City and Banks Arcade

When we think about the organisations that contribute whole heartedly to our returning heavy music community, the kind folks over at UNFD are some of the first that pop into mind as they have been doing exactly so for ten years now. To celebrate all that they have achieved they showcased just a few of their impressive roster of artists in Melbourne, with this show being the first time any of these bands have performed in many months.

Kicking off the festivities was UNFD‘s newest addition Banks Arcade, their fast paced spoken word style metal really caught the crowd’s attention early on. All eyes seemed to be on frontman Joshua O’Donnell whose stage presence is second to none which adds to his clear cut and well defined vocals, creating a performance which is a must see!

Next up was the new and improved Drown This City who were itching to play material from their latest release Colours We Won’t Know (our review here). New vocalist/bassist Toby Thomas added an interesting dynamic on stage, his enthusiasm was very entertaining, however his low pitch unclean vocals were hard to hear at times which added strain to the experience. The dynamic between Toby and original vocalist Alex Reade was one that some seemed to enjoy but is yet to grow on me.

Lastly was none other than the wildly popular Thornhill who started the show with the entire crowd hanging onto vocalist Jacob Charlton‘s every lyric. Impressive visuals such as lights and strobes intensified and enhanced the entertaining production, however, the show was interrupted by a few times by technical difficulties with sound. Crowd singalongs and moshing was welcomed by the band who brought on Void Of Vision vocalist Jack Bergin for a guest performance during the song ‘Reptile‘.

Each band expressed their sincere gratitude to the label that has done so much for them and the heavy music community that we all love and cherish. The Australian music community is lucky to have UNFD around and from all of us here at Wall of Sound, we express a heartfelt thank you to the UNFD team.

Gig Review by Adam Rice

Photo Gallery by Clinton Hatfield. Insta: @ampd.agency
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Banks Arcade

Drown This City


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