Drown This City – Colours We Won’t Know (EP Review)

Drown This City – Colours We Won’t Know EP
Released: May 28, 2021


Alex Reade // vocals
Toby Thomas // bass, vocals
Josh Renjen // guitar
Laurence Appleby // guitar
Anthony Pallas // drums


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While Victorian metalcore outfit Drown This City have been laying low since their 2019 release, Alpha // Survivor, they’ve spent much of the last year finetuning their style, manoeuvring a lineup shift and therefore, a newly defined, mature-aged band. With new vocalist/bassist Toby Thomas stepping it up on this offering, front woman Alex Reade has taken much of the past year to really focus on baring some of her darkest moments from her past to light here. With two EPs already under their belt, Colours We Won’t Know sees the band finally uncovering their deepest truths. Let’s take a look.

The EP begins with the ever-empowering balladesque ‘Gemini’, and it’s quite a daunting yet calming tone. But not for long. The rest of the band absolutely comes roaring in midway through, almost mimicking the lyrics, “Two parts don’t make a whole” which perfectly encapsulates the very essence of the song. Their parts weave in and out of each like two snakes connecting and as someone who resonates with the starsign Gemini, I definitely felt this. Jumping straight into the darkest realm of ‘Time Won’t Remember Us’ immediately shows us the amount of growth that Drown This City have experienced through their newest material, and I reckon this is the music that we were waiting for.

‘Beyond the Glare’ really kicks this EP off though with heavy riff energy reverberating alongside Alex’s mesmerising voice that kind of acts as the shining light through all that darkness. This song really puts Alex Reade in the spotlight, combining those soaring cleans with some incredibly progressive, DJenty riffs. This huge energy carries on into ‘Carbon14’ with a tiny bit of nu-metal influence here and there, bringing about one of my favourite choruses on Colours We Don’t Know. This one kinda just towers above everything else and sounds like the band’s biggest track yet.

I particularly want to highlight the thundering melody that’s well and truly giving me life on ‘Borderline Existence’. Much like first track ‘Gemini’ did, this track ebbs and flows in between the hauntingly beautiful cleans and roaring, chaotic breakdowns that paints a stellar image in my mind. The song dives into Alex’s struggles against external pressures as she fights to find her own purpose in this world. It feels very soul cleansing, and by the finishing note I felt much empathy with the band’s lyrics. Final track ‘New Burn Order’ sounds like it belongs on a Marvel film soundtrack with its anthemic, thundering aura. Leading the band’s new chapter with the final track definitely feels more than appropriate here. This song holds big personality and serves its purpose as the leading song for Drown This City’s new era.

As someone who wasn’t particularly sold with Alpha // Survivor, I think the band have finally got me over the line here. Pairing heavy hitting riffage with hauntingly beautiful vocals and their darkest songs to date, Drown This City will no doubt resonate with an even bigger audience. Colours We Won’t Know is a staggering difference from their previous releases, and it’s impressive. Vocalist Alex Reade sounds even more stunning than what we’ve heard previously and from this EP alone, has become one of my favourite voices in the Australian heavy scene. With this new release, Drown This City hold even more potential to become a leading progressive metalcore outfit for the world to see.

Drown This City – Colours We Won’t Know EP tracklisting:

1. Gemini
2. Time Won’t Remember Us
3. Beyond The Glare
4. Carbon14
5. Borderline Existence
6. New Burn Order

Rating: 8 / 10
Colours We Won’t Know is out tomorrow via UNFD. Pre-order here
Review by Tamara May @citylightstam

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