Of Mice & Men Deliver Another Taste of Echo LP / Ad Infinitum EP Ahead of Impending Release

Of Mice & Men - Echo Review

Of Mice & Men‘s EP trifecta is coming to its crescendo on December 3rd with the release of their four-track Ad Infinitum via Sharptone Records. Of course, this is coming along with all three EPs smooshed together for their LP Echo, released on the same day. So far we’ve heard the full Timeless and Bloom EPs and we’re ready to hear all of it together.

Overnight the band have dropped ‘Echo’ – their latest track to feature on Ad Infinitum/Echo. It’s safe to say that the band are certainly continuing to lean into the heavier sound this year (if the past two EPs and singles didn’t tell that story yet). Of Mice & Men are truly leaning into their crunchy metalcore roots and basking in the sensible balance of the melodic/cleans factor, without sacrificing the intensity.

It’s definitely shaping up to be a big LP, and will be enjoyable for fans to hear the band’s 2021 efforts all together. For now, enjoy another drip-feed from the boys, and get ready for their EP/LP release in just over a week.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Of Mice & Men – ‘Echo’ here
Pre-order Echo/Ad Infinitum here

Of Mice & Men - Echo

Of Mice & Men – Ad Infinitum tracklisting:

1. Mosaic
2. Fighting Gravity
3. Echo
4. Helplessly Hoping

Of Mice & Men – Echo tracklisting:

1. Timeless
2. Obsolete
3. Anchor
4. Levee
5. Bloom
6. Pulling Teeth
7. Mosaic
8. Fighting Gravity
9. Echo
10. Helplessly Hoping

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