Seeker Reappear with Riffy New Track ‘Face2Face’

Earlier this year our minds were blown away by Seeker‘s debut EP (our review here). Now, the news of a new song so soon has us drooling. This track was written through personal experience and expresses the challenges of overcoming the obstacles that reside within our minds. 

The band explains:

“‘Face2Face’ delves into the insistent struggles that we deal with inside our own heads, along with the demons that curate them, to be all that more painful. ‘Face2Face’ is about confronting these issues to regain control of yourself again so you’ll be able to see and understand the bigger picture.”

We have all experienced this in one form or another, especially with the state of our surroundings over the past two years. It’s easy to dwell on negative experiences and to view life cynically, particularly when enduring the strains of the COVID outbreaks. 

Vocalist Jack Tyrrell expands on this:

“I’ve struggled recently to understand why I feel so shit all the time, so ‘Face2Face’ is a message to myself to confront these inner demons and accept, learn and try to move on from the mistakes I’ve made in the past.”

We are just as impressed by this new single as we are with the group’s debut EP, its high tempo manages to leave space for groovy mosh riffs as well as a nu-metal outro. Spin it ASAP but be warned, it’s contagiously good and you might just find yourself listening to it on repeat all day long.

Words by Adam Rice

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