Seeker – Call It A Hatred (EP Review)

Seeker – Call It A Hatred EP
Released: May 7th, 2021


Dan Thorpe // Drums
Chris Thorpe // Guitar
Jack Tyrrell // Vocals
Jordan Tozer // Bass
Jake Tozer // Guitar



Originating from Surrey, England, two sets of brothers and a close friend have come together to form Seeker; an impressive nu-metalcore act that is a force to be reckoned with. This group initially burst onto the scene last year with their debut single ‘Deranged’ which earned them a support slot on tour with Heart Of A Coward. Will this EP cement Seeker as ones to watch? Let’s put it under the microscope and find out.

Kicking off the EP with a djent styled, low tuned guitar riff, ‘Redroom’ sets the tone for the entire EP. The intricate drumming techniques of Dan Thorpe are notably exceptional. Vocalist Jack Tyrrell has a truly exceptional range and doesn’t hold back from showing that off in this piece. ‘Bite Your Tongue” kicks off where the previous track left off, with intricate guitar riffs that leave me on the edge of my seat as I anticipatingly wait for more. Lyrics such as “bite your tongue as a favour to everyone” accurately describe the theme of the song. The track concludes with a punchy, mosh inducing breakdown that with have you spin kicking in no time.

Keeping the tempo high, we are introduced to ‘Pressure’, with each song I listen to by this class act I am consistently blown away by Dan Thorpe‘s drumming techniques, not one beat of his feels out of place and his flow creates a strong foundation for the other band embers to build upon creating an incredible listening experience. The chorus comprises of chant-like singing which I could easily imagine being loudly sung by punters in backed out band rooms throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Arguably the EP’s heaviest track, ‘Deadheart’, the song is consistent in nature but that doesn’t take away from the tracks pure brilliance. The guitar riffs are extremely technical; for all the guitar nerds out there, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Comically beginning with a male voice saying “this is my favourite song ever” ‘Tunnel Vision’ seemingly allows vocalist Jack Tyrrell to explore his amazing vocal range, giving us his deepest unclean vocals and his highest clean vocals. The contrast between the two styles seems to blend quite impressively. The song concludes with a strong breakdown which leads into the next track, ‘Call It A Hatred’. This particular song begins with an enticing riff as the guitars are tuned low. The entire introduction eludes to a melodic chorus where vocalist Jack Tyrrell shines in the spotlight. His clean vocals in this piece are nothing short of jaw-droppingly beautiful. Jack is an excellent vocalist on this EP and deserves as much praise as the world can offer him, this track is just one example of that.

I know it’s still early on but I’m calling this release EP of the year. I simply cannot fault it, I would go as far as to call it a perfect release. Seeker have set the bar high for themselves with this EP, I look forward to watching what direction this band takes in the coming years as they progress.

Seeker – Call It A Hatred EP track listing:

1. Redroom
2. Bite Your Tongue
3. Pressure
4. Deadheart
5. Tunnel Vision
6. Call It A Hatred

Rating: 10/10
Call It A Hatred is out Friday. Pre Order here
Review by Adam Rice

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